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An Astounding Strategist for Global Equities and Extraordinary Professional Gamer, Nawaf AlNaqbi also known as ‘Nawafsama’



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Nawaf AlNaqbi, famously known as ‘Nawafsama’, is an expert gamer prominently known for his commitment to the regional gaming community. The brilliant game streamer works as a professional financial research analyst/strategist for global equities.

He contributes his amazing range of abilities in the development business, technology industry, and the gaming area particularly. He has likewise published amazing quarterly research on the gaming sector.

Aside from his ordinary work, Nawaf AlNaqbi otherwise known as ‘Nawafsama’ has held a few workshops and classes for organizations to give an outline of the regional sector area.

He has also held various astounding advanced webcasts. One of his renowned podcasts is the BMW podcast which is effectively accessible on YouTube.

The brilliant research has also featured in outmost shows revolving around gaming topics such as Hayakum, sponsored by Lenovo ME. 

Individuals who dominate in the innovation field for the most part are a lot associated with fundamentally the same regions. However, Nawaf AlNaqbi/’Nawafsama’ has demonstrated that he is surprisingly talented in different fields as well.

He additionally has a yearly coverage of E3, with various sponsors every year, to witness the latest in the sector in real-time, in Los Angeles.

Nawaf AlNaqbi aka ‘Nawafsama’ has done enormous live shows with his electric guitar and has acquired a significant fanbase and a decent amount of prominence.

He is a prestigious electric guitarist and has played live in incalculable mainstream society symbols inside the locale. Nawafsama originally played anime, gaming live music on the electric guitar, a new genre in which the vocals are replaced with the electric guitar.

A ton of well-known anime and gaming covers from mainstream establishments like Naruto, One Piece, Pokémon, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, and more are additionally played by him.

The way to progress is ceaseless for Nawaf AlNaqbi as he has gotten different honors for performing music in colleges and universities in the UAE.

The extraordinary gamer has likewise shown up live on TV for innumerable events and included in a few articles focusing on the Emirati youth.

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