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Apple introduces its newest iPhone in a modest manner



Apple introduces its newest iPhone in a modest manner

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch in 2015, the corporation, whose iPhone releases had become cultural icons, carried on as normal. Prior to the watch’s release, Apple distributed prototypes to well-known people like as Beyoncé, highlighted it in fashion magazines like Vogue, and held a grandiose online event showcasing its capabilities.

However, Apple is entering the consumer market much more subtly as it gets ready to release the Vision Pro augmented reality device, the company’s next generation of wearable computing.

This month, the corporation announced in a press release that the gadget would be on sale on Friday. Although Apple has produced a snappy commercial about the device and provided tech reviewers with exclusive demonstrations, no significant product event was planned. Additionally, the Vision Pro has been tested by more developers than previous Apple products, which is a departure for the reclusive firm, to find out what they like and dislike about it.

The reduction in marketing strategies reflects the difficulties faced by Apple, a business that has expanded to the point where new product lines that could one day be valued at billions still only account for a small portion of iPhone sales, which exceeded $200 billion in revenue last year.

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