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Bennington Battle Day: History and Significance of the Day



Bennington Battle Day

The Bennington Battle Day is celebrated yearly on 16th August in the US and this year in 2022 denotes the 245th anniversary since the war occurred in 1777.

It likewise has the status of a state holiday in Vermont state as it is where the fight occurred. Also, this is the day that celebrates the victory of the Americans over the British during the American Revolutionary War.

What’s more, this war played a pivotal role in turning the American Revolutionary War into the blessing of the Americans and consequently, it plays an exceptionally key role in American independence.

What is Bennington Battle Day?

Bennington Battle Day is seen to pay honor to the battle of the American Revolutionary War that occurred on August 16, 1777. The day is vital as it was on this fateful day 244 years ago when the British army was defeated by the Americans at the pivotal battle of Bennington.

This fight framed part of the Saratoga Campaign. In Walloomsac, New York, ten miles northwest of Bennington in Vermont, this conclusive fight was battled. However the fight was battled in New York, it came to be known after Bennington on the grounds that the British army was going towards the Bennington Battle monument to plunder weapons and ammunitions.

As per the succession of events that prompted the momentous victory of the Bennington Battle, it so happened that on July 1777, Fort Ticonderoga was caught by the British army under the leadership of General John Burgoyne. Their aim was to sever New England from different colonies utilizing a three-way pincer development.

Following this, John sent an armed troop (800 members raiding party) to strike Vermont on August 9, 1777, under the command of German colonel Friedrich Baum. His strategy was to stock supplies for his troops, to keep a decent development. Subsequently, John’s target was to loot the military supplies stationed in Bennington, Vermont.

Before all else, on August 14, this raiding party temporarily defeated the American army led by Vermont Brigadier General John Stark . But, the American New Hampshire militia re-strategized and continued to go after the British army 5 miles north of Bennington.

This plan turned out great and the victorious win of the Americans prompted this Bennington Battle Day. 700 British troops were captivated, while 207 kicked the bucket during the fight. This triumph filled in as a significant defining moment in the American revolution.

To honor the historical win of the Bennington Battle, a park has been made close to Walloomsac alongside a 306-foot (93-meter) monument at the village of Old Bennington.

Bennington Battle Day Significance:

Bennington Battle has enormous importance in American history as it was one of the most drastic defining moments during the whole American Revolutionary War had lost this war would have made significant harm to the Americans and, surprisingly, their campaign might have failed during the Revolutionary War.

What’s more, assuming that happened the whole course of American history could be changed and this had influenced current America especially as well. As American independence without this war, victory might have been delayed for the majority more years excessively come.

What’s more, it is a day which should be remembered all through the newer generations of the United States to recognize the sacrifice made by their ancestors who battled for their opportunity which we appreciate today frequently could underestimate so it is a remembrance to all of us go celebrate our heroes.


Perhaps of the most vital icons in Vermont is a monument that towers at around 306 feet (around 93.3 meters) and symbolizes Bennington Battle Day. The limestone monument was as of late vandalized with red spray paint graffiti. Local officials say it was most likely the first time the obelisk was vandalized since it was built in 1889.

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