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Best coffee creamers – Dairy (Milk and cream) substitutes



Best coffee creamers – Dairy Milk and cream substitutes

 There is nothing wrong with enjoying a creamed cup of coffee. Unlike most coffee enthusiasts, not everyone will enjoy a perfectly roasted and brewed black coffee: some of us need a little sweetener and cream in our coffee.

Adding creamer to your coffee adds a thick, rich taste flavor, and texture. However, dairy cream can drastically alter the nutritional value of your coffee.  It will increase your calorie count; which you do not want especially when you are on a diet. Here is where coffee creamers come in

Creamers are great alternatives to dairy products: they have fewer calories and most offer vegan options. Creamers have varying components of fat, sweeteners (natural and artificial), oils, and thickeners. Only the best coffee creamers will provide you with the richness and creaminess of dairy creamers and make your latte authentic. Fortunately, there are many vegan creamer options with low calories and high fat, perfect for vegan, paleo, and keto diets.

Here are the top Coffee creamers

Oat milk

Best coffee creamers – Dairy Milk and cream substitutes 1

Oat milk has recently become one of the most popular non-dairy creamers used in coffee drinks. Oat milk is made from a combination of water and oats. Sometimes, you will find oat milk made with grapeseed oil or canola oil which helps in emulsification. This results in full-bodied nondairy milk that resembles the richness of original, whole, dairy milk. The fiber in oat milk makes thick reamer the perfect choice for people looking to boost their digestive health,

Oat milk is creamy and tastes close to full gat dairy milk when in coffee. It blends easily and has a smooth texture, making it a perfect alternative to dairy creamer for coffee. Due to low protein content, oat milk takes longer and produces larger bubbles when foamed. However, that does not take away from its taste.

Coconut milk

Best coffee creamers – Dairy Milk and cream substitutes 2

Coconut milk is among the favorite of many vegan coffee lovers. It provides a thick, creamy texture just like dairy creamers would.  Coconut milk is thick and high in fat content, making it perfect for anyone on a keto diet.

You would assume that coconut cream overpowers coffee with its strong and sweet flavor, but that is extremely wrong. In the real sense, coffee has a subtle, creamy flavor that complements coffee.  Manufactured coffee creamers contain flavors and sweeteners that mask the strong coconut smells.

Soy milk

Soy milk has become very popular in many coffee houses. This non-dairy creamer is easily accessible and very affordable in most parts of the world. Unfortunately, soy milk tends to curdle when subjected to very hot temperatures, this is why it should not be mixed into extremely hot coffee.

Soy milk provides a creamy, smooth/silky texture and neutral taste which is a perfect alternative to dairy coffee creamers.

Cashew milk

Best coffee creamers – Dairy Milk and cream substitutes 3

Cashew milk has a creamy flavor and texture that mimics dairy creamers in coffee. When it comes to cashew creamers, homemade is the best: blending raw cashews in water gives you a rich, heavy cream which is the perfect consistency for a hot cup of cappuccino. Cashew creamer/milk is sweet and barely nutty, which does not take away from the roasted flavor of your coffee.

Pea milk

Best coffee creamers – Dairy Milk and cream substitutes 4

Is pea milk green? No. let me explain:  pea milk is made from the protein of yellow peas which explains why it is not green as you would expect it. Because of that, pea milk has higher protein content as compared to the other non-diary creamer/milk alternatives.  Pea milk also contains high potassium content.

It is one of the best creamer substitutes for coffer pea milk is smooth and will not leave you with a weird aftertaste.  It is also great for making foamy coffee beverages.  It gives off a smooth, silky texture that allows you to enjoy your coffees.

Almond milk

Best coffee creamers – Dairy Milk and cream substitutes 5

Almond milk is a little controversial when it comes to making coffee creamer: it can sometimes have a bitter, nutty flavor. However, it produces a smooth creamy taste which is perfect for coffee.

Creamer made from almond milk is smooth and silky. If you are vegan and lactose intolerant, almond milk is the perfect substitute for dairy creamers in your coffee.  You can find both sweetened and unsweetened almond milk varieties in the market.

Unfortunately, almond milk tends to curdle in coffee when the temperature and acidity are off. To prevent that, avoid pouring cold almond milk over an extremely hot coffee.

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