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BitfinityFX Review 2022- Pros and Cons



BitfinityFX Review 2022 Pros and Cons

This BitfinityFX Review is not some basic pro and cons review. But you will find each and everything related to the BitfinityFX platform here. I have explained their security measures, trading tools, account types, educational guide, registration process, withdrawal process, etc. Furthermore, they do not offer mobile trade and demo accounts, which could be a deal-breaker for you. Please read my review to find out more about them.

My BitfinityFX Review is not a recommendation but more a piece of in-depth information for traders who want to know more about the platform. It is crucial to research the broker platform before investing with them because financial trading comes with risks. Sometimes common people like us tend to invest in financial trading through their savings, and trusting some broker with your all savings can be very hard. I recommend conducting as much research as you can before joining a brokerage platform because if anything goes sideways, in the end, you are the one who stands with the loss.

For making your research process somewhat manageable, I have decided to share my personal experience with their platform. I joined BitfinityFX about six months back when I faced some withdrawal issues with my previous broker. I wanted to find a platform with easy and quick services; that was when I encountered BitfinityFX. However, finding such a broker was not that easy for me because of the thousands of brokers in the market. One thing that triggered me to choose them was their simplicity and transparency.

After I selected them, the following process was speedy. The registration process of BitfinityFX was not complicated as other brokers. All I had to deposit was 250 USD, and then I was ready to trade. The platform was also very user-friendly and easy to operate. Overall my trading experience with them has been quite fantastic until now.

Let us see whether BitfinityFX is the right choice for you in 2022!

Impressive Features of BitfinityFX in 2022

  • Security

The first thing that forex or any other financial asset trading requires is the safety of your money. Many brokers scam people through their poor services. Personally, I wouldn’t say I like it when brokers do not prioritize the safety of their client’s money. The increased number of scammers and hackers has skeptical the whole financial trading market. However, BitfinitFX claims to use all possible measures to ensure our security by using the internationally accepted security system SSL. Secure Sockets Layer encrypts all the credit card payments over the web automatically and sends instant notifications to the clients.

Furthermore, in order to provide protection against hackers, BitfinityFX also offers tw0-factor authentication of your account. In this way, you receive an SMS or email before accessing the account to confirm your identity. Thus, making it hard for hackers to have unauthorized access to your account. Therefore, you can say that the platform is more trusted than other brokers.

  • Withdrawal & Deposit Methods

One of my favorite thing about BitfinityFX is their withdrawal and deposit system. I left my previous broker because of their poor withdrawal services. However, BitfinityFX provides easy and quick withdrawal and deposit services. There are many ways to withdraw our money like credit cards, Master Cards, web money, bank transfer, E-Wallets including EFT and APM, and Wire Transfer. So far, I have not faced any withdrawal-related issues; that is why I am putting this service in its positive features.

  • Tradable Assets

I will also mention their tradable assets in my BitfinityFX Review because it offers a wide variety of tradable assets. Many broker platforms offer to trade in only one or two types of financial assets. Some brokers only offer cryptocurrencies and some only deal in stocks and forex. The best thing about this broker platform is that it offers all kinds of financial assets, including Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies. BitfinityFX provides access to more than 200 financial instruments.

BitfinityFX Review 2022
  • Customer Support

Despite only 24/5 available, the customer support of BitfinityFX is very helpful. They are very much open to suggestions as well. BitfinityFX has a motto of putting customer needs on priority. That is why they have maintained their prestigious name in the industry. We can contact them through email as well as a phone number. One thing about their support team is that it provides very quick and helpful services. Furthermore, they also provide a Live Chat feature, making it very easy to reach them. You only need to enter their website to access their support team. All of your questions are answered in a highly supportive and satisfactory manner.

  • Trading Platform

In my BitfinityFX Review, I cannot ignore their trading platform, which is the most crucial part of trading. We visit the trading platform most often as this is where all the trades are executed. The trading platform of BitfinityFX can only be accessed through its website. It means that if we need to make an entry or exit of trade, we only need access to the internet. It is great because some brokers require downloading the platform to get access to their trading features. Some might find it disturbing, especially those who have less space in their devices.

  •  Account Types

BitfinityFX gives traders four options for selecting their account type. The accounts vary with the benefits that come with them and the cost they charge. Different accounts are offered to make the platform more suitable for every kind of trader. The accounts are also classified while considering the fact that “not every trader has a similar financial ability”. Following are the account types offered by BitfinityFX:

FeaturesAccount TypesAccount TypesAccount TypesAccount Types
Minimum limit$250$10,000$25,000$100,000
Over 200 Tradable Assets    
Market Review    
Dedicated Senior Account Manager    
Bonus Funds    
Lucrative Spreads GoldPlatinumVIP
Significant LeveragesUp to 100Up to 200Up to 300Up to 400
Trading Signals    
Trade Room analysis Tier 3Tier 2Complete Access
Financial Planning    
Risk Management Planning    
Special Venture Promotions    
Access to Lucrative VIP Events    
Webinars MonthlyWeeklyComplete Access
Private Analyst Sessions    
Prioritized withdrawal process Level 3Level 2Level 1

All accounts are available in three different currencies including USD, GBP, and EUR.

  • Registration Process

The registration process for each account type is the same and very simple. You can open an account with BitfinityFX in just three steps. First, we need to click on open an account on the home page screen. Then provide all personal information like name, email, phone number, country, etc. After that, the form is submitted, instantly providing access to the account. The log-in information is sent through email, which can be applied on the BitfinityFX website at the Log-In window. One interesting thing about their platform is that we are not required to submit any deposit fee for registration. However, if we want to start trading, then we will have to make a deposit.

BitfinityFX Review

Features of BitfinityFX that Needs Improvement

  • Mobile App

I want to suggest in my BitfinityFX Review that they really need to introduce their Mobile App for trading. Nowadays, when the competition is powerful in the brokerage industry, having a mobile trading app is the best thing to offer. As it makes the trading process easy and quick and attracts more customers. In the world of smartphones, people have gotten used to accessing everything through their mobile phones. This is why brokerage platforms should focus on giving their customers easy and quick trading access. In my opinion, one drawback of BitfinityFX is that it does not offer a Mobile Trade app.

  • Educational Centre

BitfinityFX educational guide was no doubt impressive and very helpful. They almost covered all the necessary topics for financial trading. New traders could find it very informative and learn easily through it. However, I think one thing missing in their educational guide was video learning. People now prefer learning through videos rather than reading. Another suggestion to BitfinityFX would be to introduce a video learning guide.

  • No-Demo Account

My last suggestion in this BitfinityFX Review will be to provide access to demo accounts. More and more brokers are offering this service to give a one-of-a-kind experience to traders. Many newbies find it very comfortable to practice their trades with fake money available on demo accounts. If BitfinityFX adds this feature, it can surely attract more customers with zero or less experience.

  • Limited Access to Trading Signals

BitfinityFX provides very limited access to trading signals and professional advice. I find it very in-justice to low-tier account holders because they have also chosen your brokerage firm over thousands of options. And, broker firms should provide at least once a week trading signal to these low-tier account holders. In my opinion, BitfinityFX should also provide trading signals to basic and silver account holders as well.



I hope my BitfinityFX review was helpful in providing all the necessary information about their platform. I have tried to keep my review of this platform as unbiased as possible. The BitfinityFX is a straightforward, quick, and secure option for all types of traders. The accounts offered by them are all SSL secured. It has a nice range of financial instruments and reasonable charge rates. The registration process of BitfinityFX is very simple. The trading platform is also manageable and provides all necessary tools and operations. The educational guide is also very helpful as it contains eBooks.

However, they do not offer a Mobile Trading App, which could be a deal-breaker for most traders. They also do not offer demo accounts and video tutorials. Despite these drawbacks, I am still using their platform as it is pretty reasonable. My priority was to have an account with a broker without withdrawal issues, and I am finding it very satisfactory.

However, every trader has their own needs and requirements. You should go for it if you think you can manage without a mobile trading app. However, conducting thorough research before joining a brokerage platform is very compulsory. Good Luck with your search for a broker of your choice!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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