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Brazil and GFANZ Collaborate to Increase Climate Finance



Brazil and GFANZ Collaborate to Increase Climate Finance

Brazil and the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero are working together to increase funding for clean energy and environmental restoration initiatives in Brazil. The agreement was made as Brazil readies itself to host the United Nations global climate conference, COP30, next year, as well as the G20 summit of world leaders this year.

The country’s ambitious green growth agenda, outlined in an ecological transformation plan, will be supported by GFANZ’s partnership with Brazilian development bank BNDES to develop a cross-sector capital-mobilization platform, according to a statement released on February 26. GFANZ is a global coalition of asset managers, banks, and insurance firms working to mobilize public and private financing of such efforts.

According to GFANZ, the platform will be designed and led by Brazil and will create new financing options to scale up investments in low-carbon technologies, create sustainable jobs, and create sustainable economies that preserve biodiversity and the environment.

According to the report, BNDES is one of the biggest global investors in renewable energy and the largest investor in climate transition infrastructure in Brazil. Over 675 international financial institutions that are dedicated to reaching net zero by 2050 are part of GFANZ’s network, which accounts for 40% of all private financial assets worldwide.

The first GFANZ country chapter in Latin America and the Caribbean is to be hosted in Brazil, according to the agreement.

According to GFANZ, Brazil is in a good position to increase its use of renewable energy since it has an abundance of natural resources and can meet nearly 45% of its primary energy demand as well as roughly 90% of its electricity mix. In the statement, co-chairs of GFANZ Michael Bloomberg and Mark Carney, who are also special envoys to the United Nations on climate finance and solutions, stated that Brazil has a unique chance to link economic growth and combating climate change.

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