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Alexander Rekeda and United for Freedom Send Supplies, Support to Ukraine Following Latest Russian Attack



In the wake of recent drone and missile attacks on Ukraine’s power grid and infrastructure by Russian forces, Alexander Rekeda and his non-profit, United for Freedom, have risen to provide crucial aid for Ukrainian civilians. The attacks that occurred on November 16th and 17th were targeted to destroy heat and power supply, inflicting suffering on civilians as the colder weather tightened its grip.

Formation of Unity for Freedom

Founded in 2022, Unity for Freedom ( has been a true friend for Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in the wake of the ongoing war that broke out in February of 2022, led by Alex Gouzenko & Alexander Rekeda, the non-profit organization was shaped on the principle of efficiently managing resources and aid for the combat-stricken country. Rekeda’s vision was to establish an effective system capable of rapidly gathering and disbursing aid to Ukrainians in need during and after the war. 

True to its name, Unity for Freedom responded promptly to the latest crisis. Collaborating daily with contacts within Ukraine, the organization has been able to gauge the most pressing needs of the people, assist with the procurement and distribution of supplies, and coordinate essential services. With a focus on regions near the front lines and rural areas with limited access, Unity for Freedom ensures that strategic aid reaches those most affected by the conflict.

Responding to the War

In response to the recent attacks, Unity for Freedom, under Gouzenko and Rekeda’s guidance, sent critical supplies to assist Ukrainian civilians whose lives have been plunged into darkness. This initial shipment was swiftly followed by a second consignment containing first aid kits and laptops equipped with 15+ hour batteries, crucial tools for combating the effects of power outages. 

Unity for Freedom is not merely a reactionary entity; the organization is purposefully structured with the foresight to manage long-term needs. Preparing for the day after the war ends, the non-profit equips local organizations with monetary donations and other aid forms to help uplift entire towns or regions. It also deploys resources to bridge educational gaps and provide high-quality learning opportunities for students whose studies have been interrupted by the war. 

Alexander Rekeda and Alex Gouzenko, along with a network of experts, advisors, and business professionals, sits on the board of Unity for Freedom. With their mixed efforts, they make sure that the on-the-spot comfort measures and strategic tasks for long-term desires are met, facilitating the survival and restoration of Ukrainians amidst the dire consequences of armed warfare. 

Through the strategic distribution of funds to neighborhood tasks, the shopping of products and resources locally for expedited distribution, and the supply of on-the-spot and long-term resources, Unity for Freedom brings an exceptional layer of assistance to Ukrainians struggling to navigate the rigors of battle. Alexander Rekeda and his organization are a brand of resilience and hope all through these trying instances. Their efforts epitomize the spirit of unity and freedom, reminding us all that in cohesion, there may be strength, and with that electricity comes the power to triumph over the cruelest of adversities. 

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