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Coles presents new purchase limits in NT supermarkets after flooding in South Australia



Coles presents new purchase limits in NT supermarkets after flooding in South Australia

Flooding brought about by wild weather in South Australia has disturbed stock deliveries toward the Northern Territory, forcing Coles to present purchase limits. Territorians may be permitted to purchase two bags of flour, two packets of rice, and two bottles of new milk from Coles supermarkets under new purchase limits presented today.

Territorians may be permitted to purchase two bags of flour, two packets of rice, and two bottles of new milk from the significant retailer as far as possible were presented on Friday.

Facial tissues and paper towels have additionally been restricted to two packs for each individual, while customers can purchase something like four cartons of long-life milk.

There is likewise a maximum of four long-life kinds of milk, two facial tissues, two paper towels, and one toilet paper packet per customer.

A Coles representative said the flooding disrupted the street and rail routes to Western Australia, Northern Territory, and South Australia.

In a statement, a Coles representative said the temporary purchase limits were presented in the Northern Territory in front of anticipated delays to stock deliveries brought about by significant flooding of street and rail routes in South Australia.

“This is going to be a challenging time for our customers and team members as we anticipate delays to transport deliveries, which will temporarily impact the availability of products in our stores,” the spokesperson said.

The representative said Coles would keep on exploring its stock levels and would attempt to get items back on racks as quickly as time permits.

Coronavirus-related supply chain issues – because of the Omicron COVID-19 outbreak forcing a high number of workers into isolation – had as of now been tipped to affect supermarket shelves in the Territory.

Accordingly, the Northern Territory government presented rules permitting fundamental laborers recognized as close contacts to keep working in specific conditions.

Earlier this month, the supermarket giant presented a series of nationwide purchase limits to battle COVID-related staff and product shortages.

These include:

  • one-pack limits on toilet paper and rapid antigen test kits
  • two-pack limits for painkillers, mince, sausages, chicken breasts, and chicken thighs from the meat section
  • six-item limits apply to chicken breasts and thighs from the deli section (excluding Tasmania).
  • Woolworths expecting deliveries today
  • Supermarket chain Woolworths has additionally battled to fill supermarket shelves in the Territory after weighty precipitation in South Australia.

Australia-wide, Woolworths customers can purchase two packets of toilet paper, two packets of painkillers, and one rapid antigen test kit.

In a statement, a Woolworths representative said the retailer had re-routed deliveries by street, and they were at first expected to show up at Northern Territory stores over the next 24 hours.

Nonetheless, flooding-related road closures in Queensland are presently affecting those delivery routes.

“Our teams are working hard to deliver stock to our NT stores as quickly as possible, and assessing alternate delivery routes,” the spokesperson said.

“Unfortunately, our local customers will continue to regrettably see reduced product availability in our stores.

“We know this is frustrating and thank everyone for their patience and understanding.”

The next run of deliveries from Adelaide is scheduled to enter the Territory through Mt Isa in Queensland, as the Stuart Highway stays shut down in certain sections.

Work to repair washed-out rail tracks that interface South Australia to Darwin and Perth could require weeks, leaving freight to be moved by trucks.

Coles customers asked to be ‘respectful’

Coles’ regional manager for the Northern Territory and South Australia, Daniel Clegg, asked clients to stay “respectful” to staff during the deficiencies.

“The product limits are there to protect everyone and also give everyone a fair go,” Mr. Clegg said.

“Please stick to the limits and buy only what you need … we just ask all of our customers to be patient, be respectful, and just be kind to each other.”

When inquired as to whether there had been any abuse directed at staff, he said it was “only natural” that “emotions run high” during the deficiencies yet didn’t refer to a particular incident.

Mr. Clegg depicted the floods and ongoing pandemic as a “double whammy” on the food supply chain and said meat deficiencies will affect the Territory until at least next week.

Health Minister sure of supply

Talking at a COVID-19 press conference on Thursday, Health Minister Natasha Fyles said she comprehended there were “plenty of supplies at remote stores”.

“They’re used to this type of disruption and can carry supplies through,” she said.

“We’ve got some retailers experiencing disruptions because their supply chain has been impacted, other retailers because it is the wet season.

“So you might not be able to get the item you want, but there are still items available to ensure a food supply.”

Coles buy limits across NT

  • Hough Rapid Antigen Test Kit x 1
  • Toilet Paper x 1
  • Medicinal (Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/Aspirin) x 2
  • Chicken Breasts from Deli Dept x 6
  • Chicken Thighs from Deli Dept x 6
  • Chicken Breasts from Meat Dept x 2
  • Chicken Thighs from Meat Dept x 2
  • Mince x 2
  • Sausages x 2
  • Paper Towels x 2
  • Facial Tissues x 2
  • Flour x 2
  • Rice x 2
  • Long Life Milk x 4
  • Fresh Milk x 2
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