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College Colors Day 2020: History, Significance and Theme of the day



National College Colors Day

National College Colors Day is celebrated every year on the Friday before Labor Day to encourages wearing your college or university’s football team colors. It is a day to exhibit a person’s love for their favorite college team and show school spirit. While Fall 2020 may appear to be exceptionally unique on college campuses and in football stadiums across America, fans can even now unite in festivity of the 16th annual College Colors Day this Friday, September 4.

This observanceadditionally looks to promote the start of college football season. Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) started this event in 2004. It is normally celebrated on the Friday before the college football season starts .

College Colors Day is the date when the students are urged to wear the shades of their school. It may be the garment – varsity jackets, brand tennis sneakers, the scarves, or the head gear, for example, the caps and hats , or the accessories like the sacks, backpacks, pins.

There is an holiday celebrated in the US just when the entire Harvard walks around in wine red, Clemson flaunts in orange-purple-white while different schools present all colors of the rainbow too.

College Colors Day – a very popular celebration that is hosted every year to the large delight of thousands of American students.

College Colors Day 2020 Theme

The theme of College Colors Day 2020, “United We Fan,” accentuates the intensity of fellowship that shared college fandom gives despite the fact that fans may be physically apart. While fans might be missing fall sports and traditional campus events, their unity and pride stays stronger than ever.

“Even though people may not be able to gather in person for College Colors Day this year, it remains incredibly special, because the connection to their favorite college means more now than it ever has before,” said Nicole Armentrout, Vice President, Marketing at CLC. “College fans are eager to celebrate and unite in support of their favorite school. We look forward to seeing countless fans post pictures of themselves wearing their favorite university’s colors on College Colors Day.”

Fans are urged to share and use #CollegeColorsDay via social media, as well as to visit for more sharable content and different ways they can partake in the campaign. The site additionally offers fans an opportunity to win official collegiate merchandise of their favorite university.

As in years past, College Colors Day will celebrate the exceptional community of fans that make their schools so extraordinary, on the grounds that United We Fan.

College Colors Day: History and Significance

The holiday itself occurred in 2004 at the activity of the CLC association. Giving it its full title – the College Licensing Company – this one is answerable for speaking to around 200 of the US educational institutions and promoting and securing their brand products and merchandise.

The beginning of the CLC activity started in the 80’s the point at which its founder got the chance to meet the ever-well known coach of the University of Alabama, Bear Bryant. Working out the plan on the licensing agreement with the man, he discovered that this notable university didn’t have any program that would represent its proprietary name. Furthermore, that is the way the prospering of the organization was propelled as after the previously mentioned university eight others followed quickly, steadily growing up to the current number of the CLC customers.

No big surprise that it was the CLC that announced the holiday, as the color is the fundamental feature of the colleges. With time, the event gets increasingly more add-ons. In this way, throughout the previous few years, there is an intercollegiate challenge being held with the prize cash of $10,000. All the universities need to do is simply to show the strength of their fandom.

The national holiday, made by collegiate licensing leader CLC, supports more than 185 million fans to wear the clothing of their favorite college and share their spirit via social media, using the hashtag #CollegeColorsDay.

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