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Detection and recovery of lost cryptocurrency



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The majority of the time, when individuals bring up the subject of cryptocurrency, they’re referring to the entire financial system built around digital money.

There are many different types of services that may be used in the investigation of crimes committed using digital currencies, such as cryptocurrency tracing and recovery.

People began to learn that it was difficult to get such expensive metals without resorting to criminal methods like theft and money laundering as time went on.

For law enforcement and other security and investigation professionals, this has been a major difficulty to deal with. For this information, they can’t only rely on their usual methods of acquiring and analyzing data.

After all, they can’t just arrest everyone they see on the street without having any strong evidence to back it up. Also, they need to be extremely cautious about who they put their faith in and with whom they socialize.

Effectively track and reclaim cryptocurrency.

Property status is required in order to effectively track and reclaim Bitcoin. Some countries have already given cryptocurrency legal definitions, whereas others have not.

Digital asset recovery has become an exercise in legal gymnastics and coordination with numerous law enforcement authorities as a result of the worldwide patchwork of rules regulating the ownership of digital assets.

The fact that a good legal team and strong coordination skills are necessary for addition to the raw technological capabilities required to trace digital assets makes it evident that any company offering trustworthy bitcoin tracing and recovery services must meet these criteria.


There are obviously issues on this front, particularly in the case of serial transactions, and it is important to recognize this.

And, perhaps most curiously, the lack of legal certainty around the status of Bitcoin at the moment makes it more difficult for bitcoin tracking and recovery specialists, such as CNC Intelligence Inc., to solve this issue effectively.

Those who have been wronged must take a well-coordinated, knowledgeable, and careful strategy in order to reclaim their bitcoin.

Such an approach necessitates professionals who possess skills and expertise that are beyond the capabilities of anybody, regardless of his or her level of experience.

How to trace Cryptocurrency

  • The first step is to thoroughly examine your discussions for any blunders or indications that can point us in the direction of any nefarious characters.
  • Investigate, we hunt for similar crimes in databases and on the internet to gather proof.
  • We follow the money all the way to its final destination: the recipient. There is always a trial when it comes to money transfers, no matter how complex the fraud is.
  • Identify and apprehend the perpetrator: we have located and apprehended the culprit. We then advise our clients on the best course of action based on the best approach available.

Legal action

After the possessor of the stolen crypto assets is identified, the legal complexities and nuances begin. Lawsuits may be necessary for clients to reclaim their digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies.

The goal of this step of the recovery procedure is to prevent the holders of stolen assets from wasting money.


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