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Direct flights between Singapore and Pacific island territory New Caledonia



Direct flights between Singapore and Pacific island territory New Caledonia

Holidaymakers can now get non-stop flights to Singapore and New Caledonia, an idyllic group of islands in the Pacific Ocean known for their pristine blue waters.

Flights to the French domain, which are around eight and a half hours long, are on sale by its transporter Aircalin, beginning at 1,143 euros or S$1,660 for a round trip.

This is the initial time in over 25 years that it is feasible to fly direct from Singapore to New Caledonia, approximately more than two hours via plane from Australia, said executive vice president of Changi Airport Group Tan Lye Teck on Saturday (July 2).

During the 1960s, the French airline Union de Transports Aeriens (UTA) worked as an assistant in Singapore and the region’s capital Noumea, he included a location to Singaporean and New Caledonian media at Jewel in Changi Airport.

This service- which was essential for various part services to Paris – was taken over via Air France in 1992, which halted the course in 1995.

Mr. Tan’s location came a day after the principal Aircalin plane touched at Changi on Friday (July 1).

The domain is an archipelago comprised of a few groups of islands. The principal island is known as Grand Terre and is where its capital Noumea is found.

The French abroad region has a populace of around 270,000, comprised of different ethnic groups including the indigenous Kanak, and French, as well as different others like Javanese and Japanese.

The islands are sparsely populated with 14 inhabitants per sq km, and not heavily visited by tourists, said the general manager of New Caledonia Tourism Julie Laronde.

The archipelago saw around 130,000 tourists a year prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, she added.

Her agency has divided the principal island into four distinct areas in view of their draws for tourists.

The east coast is known for its “Kanak spirit”, the culture of the indigenous Kanak people groups who make up somewhat not exactly 50% of the populace; the west coast is known for its “cowboy” culture, and the capital Noumea is said to have a comparable culture to the French Riviera region.

The “great south”, or the tip of the main island, is great for adventure-style holidays, and a large number of the smaller islands of the domain have lagoons rich in biodiversity, she said.

Because of its closeness to Australia and New Zealand, English is broadly spoken in New Caledonia – meaning Singaporeans ought to have little issue communicating, she added.

The French Ambassador to Singapore Marc Abensour, who likewise talked on Saturday, said the immediate air connection will serve the two Singaporeans and French residents in Singapore and the region, as France seeks to fortify its connectivity to the Indo-Pacific region.

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