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Emmanuel Motelin Hints on publishing a book about machines replacing repetitive Jobs!



Emmanuel Motelin

After an exclusive interview with Emmanuel Motelin, a tech-professional completing studies in cybersecurity while endeavoring to spark distinctive forms of art in music compositions using only computers and synthesizers to compose, orchestrate and arrange. We’ve learned that the artist plans to write a book about a distant future where machines take over repetitive jobs. 

He emphasizes that in the future, the world is going to need more computer engineers, programmers, and technicians. His latest music release titled “3047,”  focuses on a globalized society where those who know how to shape consciousness will come out on top, a vision of the world very recognizable to us today. Some humans have already turned to bionic enhancements to improve their mental and physical capabilities, a divergent human and cyborg class has emerged, splitting the human population not just by race, but by ability and potentially creating new sub-species. This 3047 single is 3 minutes and 15 seconds long. It’s in the key of E minor and the time signature is 4 beats per measure. Loudness is -19.67 db and the tempo is around 46.21 bpm. 

“The education system will have to include more computer programs into the curriculum. Binary code will accompany the ABC’s and 123’s. Python will be taught alongside English and social studies in grade school.” Emmanuel Motelin states. As these varied examples of current technology suggest, intelligent software is gradually spreading into common households. He adds “However, it is also arising in the field of medicine where doctors have used it to achieve accelerated predictions regarding what types of antibiotics can best destroy bacteria. Of course, it exists in a business where marketing professionals use it to make accurate predictions of what sort of purchases shoppers will make next.” In terms of technology and humanity, there is one word to describe what is coming in 3047: ubiquity. Intelligent software will be everywhere. Emmanuel Motelin aims to constantly learn new skills about life, about himself, and how can solve complex problems.

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