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Entrepreneur Scotty Huss On How To Beat The Rat Race



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Scotty Huss in an entrepreneur based out of Miami Florida. At only 23 years old, he has accomplished more than what most people dream of accomplishing in a lifetime. Mr. Huss owns multiple companies with one of them being a mentorship program that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to achieve their dreams.

Scotty states that his favorite quote is “if you want things in your life to change, you have to change everything in life”. This quote goes along with the first thing that scotty likes to teach his students, be allergic to negative people. The first thing Scotty did when he wanted to grow a successful business was, he changed who he spent time with. Scotty says you want to spend most of your time with people who have what you want in life or with people who are after the same goals as yourself. If you hang around people who are constantly working on themselves and their goals, you will end up doing the same. The same goes for the opposite situation. If you spend much of your time with people who drink and party, you will end up doing the same as them as well.

Growing yourself is key for entrepreneurs. Mr. Huss says he listens to self-development every day. Bob Proctor is one person he enjoys listening to. Scotty listens to Bob Proctor every single day. He treats self-development like showers. Most Americans don’t forget to shower daily. Like showering, Scotty never misses a day where he either reads self-development books or listens to some sort of audio or video. By doing these simple tasks, what you are doing is growing your subconscious mind. Doing these simple things will grow yourself into the person you are trying to become.

3 Tips that Scotty teaches to be successful:

  1. Find mentors
  2. Believe bigger, faster, sooner
  3. Outwork everyone

If you are looking for help and want to have better days, get in contact with Scotty Huss and ask how you can have your best day ever.

Instagram- @scottyhuss

Facebook- Scotty Huss

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