Dr.Russell Surasky – A doctor who is steadily battling against the raised Opioid crisis in the United States of America.

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He is serving the light in the world of dark and raising awareness across the nation regarding the Opioid drug epidemic.

Dr. Russell Surasky is a neurology specialist and is also certified in addiction medicine. He explains that how opioid pain relievers are incredibly harmful to our brain and body. Our brains are imbibed with opiate receptors that reduce pain, now opioids that belong to the opium poppy family have gained fame as prominent pain relievers. But now let’s look at the dark side of using this drug. So once this drug gets separated from the receptors the brain produces signals that it needs more. When these drugs are taken consistently the results can be dreadful, our body gets dependent on them to feel good emotionally and mentally. The fentanyl drug which works similarly is even more disastrous, as this drug is 50x more dominant than heroin and 100x more powerful than morphine. But who needs to be blamed for this brunt, all the big gamers are doctors, big med organizations, and politics.

Dr. Russell Surasky with all the responsibility took a step forward to break this huge swindle and has developed an efficient way out to fight this epidemic. He has formulated a therapy regimen that encompasses a variety of detox, Vivitrol treatment, and stress deduction concentrated on the upper spine and limbic system. This treatment has helped several people in waning off their addiction to Opioid drugs and that too permanently. Dr. Surasky is now looking forward to helping people worldwide in overcoming their addiction to opioids. The better part of this medication is that it needs to be taken once a month through injection and that too just for a year. It is safer than other treatments as it’s used Vivitrol that is not an opiate.

Countless people in America are already grateful to Dr. Russell Surasky for providing them a better way out to combat opioid addictions. This treatment is now being appreciated worldwide and is likely to be adapted in other states and counties too. For all the folks who are in a war with themselves to overcome opiate addiction. It seems that the war can finally be won through the treatment incubated by Dr. Surasky.