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European Curling Championships 2023: Preview, Full Schedule, Men’s and Women’s Teams, Team to Watch and More



European Curling Championships 2023 Preview, Full Schedule, Men's and Women's Teams, Team to Watch and More

Find out more about the 2023 European Curling Championships, which will be held in Aberdeen, Scotland, from November 18–25. and the official Olympic app for mobile devices will offer live streaming of the semi-finals and finals on the Olympic Channel.

20 curling teams will compete for the continental title in Aberdeen from November 18–25, 2023, home of the European Curling Championships.

The men’s and women’s championships will be held concurrently at the event in Scotland, which will be streamed live on the Olympic Channel via and the official Olympics app for mobile devices. This means that curling fans can expect an action-packed week of curling.

The same format will be used for both competitions. The top four teams will then be paired for two semi-final matches after each team plays the other once in a round-robin format.

Bronze medal matches will be held for the runners-up, and the winners will move on to the final.

The top eight teams from each of the two competitions will also be eligible to compete in the 2024 World Curling Championships. Switzerland is automatically qualified as one of the eight European teams because they are the hosts of the men’s competition.

European Curling Championships 2023: Men’s teams


Skip: Bruce Mouat
Third: Grant Hardie
Second: Bobby Lammie
Lead: Hammy McMillan Jr.
Alternate: Kyle Waddell


Fourth: Benoit Schwarz
Skip: Yannick Schwaller
Second: Sven Michel
Lead: Pablo Lachat
Alternate: Kim Schwaller


Skip: Joel Retornaz
Third: Amos Mosaner
Second: Sebastiano Arman
Lead: Mattia Giovanella


Skip: Niklas Edin
Third: Oskar Eriksson
Second: Rasmus Wrana
Lead: Christoffer Sundgren
Alternate: Daniel Magnusson


Skip: Magnus Ramsfjell
Third: Martin Sesaker
Second: Bendik Ramsfjell
Lead: Gaute Nepstad
Alternate: Wilhelm Naess


Skip: Ugurcan Karagoz
Third: Muhammet Haydar Demirel
Second: Muhammed Zeki Ucan
Lead: Orhun Yuce
Alternate: Rauk Kavaz


Skip: Lukas Klima
Third: Marek Cernovsky
Second: Martin Jurik
Lead: Lukas Klipa
Alternate: Radek Bohac


Skip: Sixten Totzek
Third: Joshua Sutor
Second: Magnus Sutor
Lead: Jan-Luca Hag
Alternate: Benny Kapp


Skip: Wouter Gosgens
Third: Laurens Hoekman
Second: Jaap van Dorp
Lead: Tobias van den Hurk
Alternate: Alexander Magan


Skip: Kalle Kisskinen
Third: Teemu Salo
Second: Leo Ouni
Lead: Paavo Kuosmanen
Alternate: Jermu Pollanen

European Curling Championships 2023: Women’s teams


Skip: Anna Kubeskova
Third: Michaela Baudysova
Second: Aneta Mullerova
Lead: Klara Svatonova
Alternate: Karolina Spundova


Fourth: Jasmin Lander
Skip: Mathilde Halse
Second: Denise Dupont
Lead: My Larsen
Alternate: Signe Schack


Skip: Marie Kaldvee
Third: Liisa Turmann
Second: Kerli Laidsalu
Lead: Erika Tuvike
Alternate: Heili Grossmann


Skip: Emira Abbes
Third: Mia Hohne
Second: Lena Kapp
Lead: Maike Beer
Alternate: Pia-Lisa Scholl


Skip: Stefania Constantini
Third: Elena Mathis
Second: Marta Lo Deserto
Lead: Giulia Zardini Lacedelli
Alternate: Angela Romei


Skip: Kristin Skaslien
Third: Marianne Rorvik
Second: Mille Haslev
Lead: Martine Ronning
Alternate: Ingeborg Forbregd


Skip: Rebecca Morrison
Third: Gina Aitken
Second: Jennifer Dodds
Lead: Sophie Sinclair
Alternate: Sophie Jackson


Skip: Isabella Wrana
Third: Almida de Val
Second: Maria Larsson
Lead: Linda Stenlund
Alternate: Jennie Wahlin


Fourth: Alina Patz
Skip: Silvana Tirinzoni
Second: Selina Witschonke
Lead: Carole Howald
Alternate: Stefanie Berset


Skip: Dilsat Yildiz
Third: Oznur Polat
Second: Ifayet Safak Calikusu
Lead: Berfin Sengul
Alternate: Mihriban Polat

European Curling Championships 2023: Schedule in full

All times are in UTC +0

Saturday 18 November

Women’s Round Robin Session 1 – 09:00

Sheet A – Italy v Germany
Sheet B – Sweden v Czechia
Sheet C – Switzerland v Denmark
Sheet D – Norway v Estonia
Sheet E – Türkiye v Scotland

Men’s Round Robin Session 1 – 14:30

Sheet A – Türkiye v Switzerland
Sheet B – Scotland v Norway
Sheet C – Sweden v Czechia
Sheet D – Italy v Netherlands
Sheet E – Finland v Germany

Women’s Round Robin Session 2 – 19:30

Sheet A – Czechia v Norway
Sheet B – Germany v Estonia
Sheet C – Türkiye v Italy
Sheet D – Scotland v Denmark
Sheet E – Sweden v Switzerland

Sunday 19 November

Men’s Round Robin Session 2 – 09:00

Sheet A – Norway v Italy
Sheet B – Switzerland v Netherlands
Sheet C – Finland v Türkiye
Sheet D – Germany v Czechia
Sheet E – Scotland v Sweden

Women’s Round Robin Session 3 – 14:00

Sheet A – Denmark v Sweden
Sheet B – Italy v Scotland
Sheet C – Germany v Norway
Sheet D – Switzerland v Türkiye
Sheet E – Czechia v Estonia

Men’s Round Robin Session 3 – 19:00

Sheet A – Czechia v Scotland
Sheet B – Türkiye v Germany
Sheet C – Switzerland v Italy
Sheet D – Sweden v Finland
Sheet E – Norway v Netherlands

Monday 20 November

Women’s Round Robin Session 4 – 08:00

Sheet A – Estonia v Türkiye
Sheet B – Switzerland v Norway
Sheet C – Scotland v Czechia
Sheet D – Denmark v Italy
Sheet E – Germany v Sweden

Men’s Round Robin Session 4 – 12:00

Sheet A – Netherlands v Finland
Sheet B – Sweden v Italy
Sheet C – Germany v Norway
Sheet D – Czechia v Türkiye
Sheet E – Switzerland v Scotland

Women’s Round Robin Session 5 – 16:00

Sheet A – Switzerland v Czechia
Sheet B – Türkiye v Germany
Sheet C – Italy v Estonia
Sheet D – Sweden v Scotland
Sheet E – Norway v Denmark

Men’s Round Robin Session 5 – 20:00

Sheet A – Sweden v Norway
Sheet B – Finland v Switzerland
Sheet C – Türkiye v Netherlands
Sheet D – Scotland v Germany
Sheet E – Italy v Czechia

Tuesday 21 November

Women’s Round Robin Session 6 – 09:00

Sheet A – Türkiye v Denmark
Sheet B – Czechia v Italy
Sheet C – Norway v Sweden
Sheet D – Estonia v Switzerland
Sheet E – Scotland v Germany

Men’s Round Robin Session 6 – 14:00

Sheet A – Finland v Czechia
Sheet B – Norway v Türkiye
Sheet C – Italy v Scotland
Sheet D – Netherlands v Sweden
Sheet E – Germany v Switzerland

Women’s Round Robin Session 7 – 19:00

Sheet A – Sweden v Estonia
Sheet B – Scotland v Switzerland
Sheet C – Denmark v Germany
Sheet D – Türkiye v Czechia
Sheet E – Italy v Norway

Wednesday 22 November

Men’s Round Robin Session 7 – 09:00

Sheet A – Scotland v Netherlands
Sheet B – Germany v Sweden
Sheet C – Czechia v Switzerland
Sheet D – Finland v Norway
Sheet E – Türkiye v Italy

Women’s Round Robin Session 8 – 14:00

Sheet A – Germany v Switzerland
Sheet B – Norway v Türkiye
Sheet C – Estonia v Scotland
Sheet D – Italy v Sweden
Sheet E – Denmark v Czechia

Men’s Round Robin Session 8 – 19:00

Sheet A – Switzerland v Sweden
Sheet B – Italy v Finland
Sheet C – Netherlands v Germany
Sheet D – Türkiye v Scotland
Sheet E – Czechia v Norway

Thursday 23 November

Women’s Round Robin Session 9 – 09:00

Sheet A – Norway v Scotland
Sheet B – Estonia v Denmark
Sheet C – Sweden v Türkiye
Sheet D – Czechia v Germany
Sheet E – Switzerland v Italy

Men’s Round Robin Session 9 – 14:00

Sheet A – Italy v Germany
Sheet B – Netherlands v Czechia
Sheet C – Scotland v Finland
Sheet D – Norway v Switzerland
Sheet E – Sweden v Türkiye

Women’s Semi-finals – 19:00

Friday 24 November

Men’s Semi-finals – 09:00

Women’s Bronze Medal Game – 14:00

Men’s Bronze Medal Game – 19:00

Saturday 25 November

Women’s Gold Medal Game – 09:00

Men’s Gold Medal Game – 14:00

European Curling Championships 2023: Teams to watch

Men’s competition

As they aim for a hat-trick of titles in Aberdeen, defending champions Scotland, led by skipper Bruce Mouat and his team, will be relying on the strength of a home crowd.

The Scots, who are the current world champions and silver medalists at the Olympics, will undoubtedly be a formidable opponent when the competition commences, but there are many other competitors prepared to face them.

Italy, led by skip Joel Retornaz, is currently in scorching form after winning their third Grand Slam of Curling championship overall and their second this season.

With Milano Cortina 2026 rapidly approaching, the Italians’ triumph places them as the top-ranked team going into Aberdeen according to the World Curling rankings. As a result, international victories will be viewed as a component of the preparation.

Sweden, the Olympic champions, will also be involved.

Skip Niklas Edin of Sweden is back in the lead after missing the competition the previous year due to injury. The 38-year-old will be aiming for an incredible eighth European title.

2009 marked Edin’s debut victory on the European stage, and 2012 marked his second championship victory. The Swedes then had a firm hold on the Championship from 2014 to 2017, winning four straight titles before Scotland upset them.

Before Scotland’s pair of titles in 2021 and 2022, Sweden went on to win the championship back in 2019. The COVID-19 global pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 event.

Women’s competition

In an unexpected outcome, Madeleine Dupont of Denmark triumphed over Silvana Tirinzoni of Switzerland in the women’s event last year.

Denmark won its second-ever curling championship in Europe with this victory.

With Dupont sitting out the action after it was revealed that she was pregnant, the Danish team, which will attempt to defend their title, will appear significantly different. Instead, Mathilde Halse will assume responsibility for skip.

Not just Denmark will be sporting a new look in Aberdeen. This year, Isabella Wrana will lead Sweden, which has been represented by Anna Hasselborg for the past few years. To be eligible to wear the Swedish colors, Wrana defeated Hasselborg in a qualifier for the competition.

Threats to the Danes’ title defence will come from all sides; Rebecca Morrison of Scotland, Tirinzoni of Switzerland, and Stefania Constantini of Italy could all succeed.

Morrison, the bronze medallist from the previous year, will benefit from home support, Constantini’s Olympic gold medal experience in mixed doubles, and Tirinzoni’s three world titles.

European Curling Championships 2023: How to watch live

Live streaming of the semi-finals and finals of the 2023 European Curling Championships in Aberdeen, Scotland, will be accessible on and the Olympic Channel. There might be some territorial limitations.

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