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Expert advice on how to increase growth and sales in 2024



Expert advice on how to increase growth and sales in 2024

Strategies that work for expanding businesses and boosting revenue in 2024. The talk is on doable strategies for bringing in new business, keeping current clients and offering them more, and reaching out to old clients again. They also explore how new technologies, like artificial intelligence, are affecting corporate procedures.

Important lessons learned:

The interview discusses the challenges of growing a company in an unstable economic environment. It discusses how rising prices overall and steady but high interest rates affect how businesses operate. The goal of the conversation is to comprehend how these market variables impact company expansion and what tactics can be used to prosper in spite of these obstacles.

The first is getting new clients, which is still necessary even though it is getting harder. The second is keeping current customers, as even a small increase in retention can result in a large increase in earnings. The third tactic, which has been proved to significantly boost revenue, entails upselling or cross-selling to the current clientele. Reactivating former customers and finding methods to re-engage consumers who have ceased making purchases make up the fourth tactic.

In order to improve business performance, the sales process must be examined and optimized. According to the debate, businesses should examine their current operational and sales processes and search for ways to automate, replace, combine, or eliminate procedures in order to increase efficiency. This strategy may result in a more efficient use of resources and a better fit between employee needs and corporate requirements.

The discussion emphasizes how companies must adopt new technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI), in order to stay competitive. Opposition to implementing new technologies can impede the expansion and productivity of a business. According to the interview, integrating AI should begin modestly and concentrate on parts of the sales process that technology may improve before progressively moving on to more sophisticated tools and techniques.

As goods and services become more alike, selling methods are frequently where they diverge. It is recommended that salespeople present themselves to clients as subject matter experts and assist them in making decisions. Rather than using forceful sales tactics, the emphasis is on advocacy and assisting consumers in making knowledgeable decisions. The significance of comprehending client hesitancy and knowing how to properly address it in order to close sales is also touched upon in the debate.

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