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FINAL FANTASY XIV Online becomes so popular; digital copies sold out in the US



FINAL FANTASY XIV Online becomes so popular digital copies sold out in the US

Final Fantasy XIV, the popular MMO about attempting to discover a loft in San Francisco, is taking off racks — digitally. At this moment, when you pop onto the Square Enix store, you’ll probably run into a roadblock attempting to purchase a download code for the game. Final Fantasy XIV has been a gigantic achievement, yet that achievement might be growing excessively quick, as the game has totally sold out – and we’re not simply discussing the physical version.

This was first spotted by gaming Youtuber Skill Up on Twitter, where he posted a screenshot that says the Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition (which incorporates every one of the extensions up to Shadowbringers) is sold out on PC. In any case, past that, every one of the worlds was marked as congested, which implies you can’t make new characters on that server.

Overnight, players on Reddit and the gaming forum ResetEra saw that Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition — a pack that incorporates the base game close by its developments — wasn’t available on the proprietary store of its publisher. In fact, at present, you can’t buy a PC or PlayStation 4 download code for the game on Square Enix’s site; attempting to do as such lists a “waiting list” button instead of the typical “add to cart” alternative. (You can presently purchase Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition without issue for Mac. You can likewise include it in your cart on Steam and the PlayStation Store.)

You’d think that a game would just run out of stock because of actual constraints — discs, packaging, and other products dependent upon always decreasing raw materials. Code, all things considered, is infinite. So these limitations probably have something to do with player capacity, as an abrupt influx of players wouldn’t actually be incredible on servers. (Delegates for Square Enix didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.)

It’s definitely an odd time for Final Fantasy XIV to blow up like this. At this moment, the game has triumphed ultimately its last update for Shadowbringers, with no new content coming until Endwalker launches in November 2021. This is commonly the time that an MMO’s player base begins to wane, not detonate in development.

As of the time of writing, the game is as yet sold out, however, it appears to be that the servers have cleared up a bit, with only a few Worlds per Data Center blocking players from making new characters.

It’s an interesting time for the game, as there will presumably be another touchy development for the game when Endwalker launches on November 23. Furthermore, if you want to attempt the game for yourself, there’s a free trial up to level 60, which incorporates the hit development Heavensward.

Final Fantasy XIV, however generally popular, is at present experiencing a surge of players. Recently, the website PCGamesN noticed that FFXIV broke its record for simultaneous players on Steam. As of now, more than 22 million accounts are registered with the game, as indicated by Square Enix figures. It’s a good idea that the organization would want to artificially throttle a new player base — at least a bit.

However, Square plainly doesn’t want to restrict players to an extreme. In a press release today, Square Enix declared “the longest free login campaign” in front of the Endwalker development, offering to lift the subscription fee for 14 days for bringing players back. That offer closures on August 23.

Why now?

It’s sort of unusual that an MMORPG like Final Fantasy XIV is exploding in popularity in the waning period of an expansion, however looking to the game’s greatest competitor, World of Warcraft, gives a very smart thought why this is occurring.

World of Warcraft’s 9.1 patches at long last launched in late June after over a half year with no new content for the fledgling Shadowlands extension. As Windows Central notes, it hasn’t been famous.

Yet, it’s difficult for the players that are baffled by the game. Colossal influencers in the community, as Asmongold and Bellular have been discussing and playing Final Fantasy XIV, and even Preach Gaming has been flaunting Final Fantasy XIV raid content on his channel.

These are all WoW makers with an enormous after, and it appears as though there’s been a huge departure from World of Warcraft over to Final Fantasy XIV. There are no hard numbers on the number of players that have taken the action, so we can’t say without a doubt, however it seems a great deal.

We’ve even seen this ourselves when simply playing the game like we normally do. Evening out elective positions, we’ve seen far additional “Sprouts” than expected – new players have a little sprout icon close to their name. Once more, this is a long way from actual proof and is just founded on our personal experience, so think about it while considering other factors.

All things considered, World of Warcraft should feel the pressure, as even its new content updates are being out shadowed by another MMO. Possibly the WoW killer has at last shown up.

Endwalker is the next significant extension for the game and that is not due until November. One can just envision what kind of numbers it could reach once it really has something new to offer players.

Endwalker has long-time players especially invigorated, as it denotes the finish of the ongoing story arc, which started right back in 2013. This doesn’t mean Square Enix is shutting down the game, notwithstanding, as a new storyline will take its place subsequently.

Between the high player numbers and the game confronting stock shortages, Square Enix will probably keep on supporting Final Fantasy 14 for many years to come.

On July 4, it arrived at 47,542 simultaneous players, beating its record of 41,200 in July 2020, which it had managed because of the release of the Shadowbringers expansion.

The extremely following day, it broke 48,697 players, followed by 52,919 players on July 10, and afterward 58,406 on July 11. What’s particularly confounding about this ascent in player numbers is that the game hasn’t added any new content recently that would attract old and new players.

This is likewise a blast year as Final Fantasy 14 often sees a convergence of players in front of another development and Square Enix recently reported Endwalker will be released on November 19.


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