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Which are The Five most exciting or fun MMORPGs 2021



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For decades, many MMORPGs have appeared in which you can put hundreds or even thousands of hours of game time. People are milling, farming, slapping the assault leader, or weakening armor everywhere in PvP. But for many players, it is not the pure gameplay that is decisive, but the story of the game. We compiled the top five and introduced the five MMORPGs that we think are the most convincing, exciting, or engaging.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft can now review seven expansions, each of which adds hundreds of missions. Simultaneously, cutscenes are also part of it, and more and more tasks are given to music. In the classic World of Warcraft, there is no big story arc, but after solving the world’s problems, since the remake of Fiss Earth, almost every field has a clear main mission series.

Especially in the two recent expansions Revisit and Battle of Azeroth, this story is the focus, with many dramatic twists and exciting highlights.

There is no decision worth mentioning. Many missions consist only of words, but the richness and attention of the game world alone make World of Warcraft a place on this list. Anyone who wants to experience a well-thought-out large-scale game world with many unique nations and their backstory can find a good player in World of Warcraft.

However, the downside is that World of Warcraft is a Pay2Play title. You must purchase the primary game and the latest accessories and then pay a monthly fee (subscription). The trial version can only provide up to 10 levels-usually takes a few hours to reach.

The content of the story: In the vast and detailed fantasy world, the constant conflict between the two parties. Battles are always shrouded in more significant threats, forcing both sides to work together.

The object of the story: fans of classic fantasy, reading friends, and everyone whose comic style and serious plot are not contradictory.

Path of Exile

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Path of Exile is a role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. Path of Exile inherits the essence of the gameplay of the Diablo series and expands the degree of freedom and depth on this basis. 1384 Point talents, 261 skill gems, and 1,626 random attributes provide an almost complete outfitting experience and fun. The professions in Path of Exile have thousands of talent points. The cartographic sextant can distinguish nearly a hundred different maps, countless random map affix combinations, and the six-hole chain equipment mechanism that brushes the scalp numb. More than a dozen seasons The characteristic intrusion mechanism, as well as more than two dozen kinds of Poe Currency systems for bartering.

The inheritance of Path of Exile to the Diablo series is more in the overall style of the game and the understanding of the classical hack and slash ARPG kernel. From Diablo 2, the tragic and repressive scenes, the horrible and evil monsters, the deep and desperate plot, and the various build combinations have all been inherited and even evolved in Road of Exile. Path of Exile has some unique settings in gameplay that make it look very conspicuous in many dark games.

The story is about: its skill system, talent system, and barter poe currency system full of brilliant genius designs.

The story is for: fans of classic BioWare titles with dialogue options, multi-layered characters, immersive plots, and full marks.

Guild Wars 2

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The game world of Guild Wars 2 was also well thought out, and a unique system was proposed when it was released. When creating a character, you can set the hero’s background instead of just following the Scheme F of a general hero. Are you a man among the nobles? Have you dedicated to which god? What are the most critical events in childhood?

These decisions will affect our first few hours of competition and the choices of various races. Sylvari’s experience of the game world is different from that of humans.

However, the arcs were later merged and standardized-after all, the fate of Tyria was threatened. However, decisions are made repeatedly during the plot, so it is worth replaying the second character to be able to see different nuances and perspectives.

The storyline of Guild Wars 2 will be regularly expanded. Thanks to Lifeworld, the developers keep adding story chapters. If you log in to the game once at launch, these are entirely free. Otherwise, you can unlock the chapters after Season 2 through the gems in the store. Gems can be used for real money or game currency-so you can open the story yourself.

Guild Wars 2 has also been around for a while, at least the primary game. However, familiar enough with the game’s original campaign. If you still want to go to a new place to experience the story, you must purchase an extension. However, there is no subscription fee, only the one-time purchase price of the wing.

The story is about: a conflict between the mortal race and the threat of a giant dragon that wants to destroy the land again. Political conspiracies and power struggles in their ranks (guilds of the same name) make the whole thing even more exciting.

Who the story is for: fans of the first guild war, friends in the non-linear game world, and everyone who likes cannibalization stories

The Elder Scrolls Online

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For all fans of the Elder Scrolls series that has used Skyrim to climax so far, The Elder Scrolls Online is certainly not to be missed.

The mission system in The Elder Scrolls Online is classic, but it can keep story lovers involved for a long time with the correct details. All tasks have been completely set to music, and even different dialogue options are provided so that you can design various dialogues. Even if this does not always result in a different dialogue process, it can also bring a greater sense of freedom.

Many editing scenes in the game world provide additional atmosphere, and many tasks are shown separately in one instance. For example, if robbers plunder a village, you can experience it in a destroyed state, and you must give the residents some help.

By the way, since 2019, stories in ESO have been reported in series. In Season of Dragon, the developers of ESO told a coherent narrative throughout the year. All DLC released by the end of 2019 dealt with this issue.

Compared with most other game concepts here, the age of The Elder Scrolls Online is over 16 years old, making fans of the series get used to it, which also makes the game world more difficult.

The online Elder Scrolls is Buy2Play, and other subscriptions that are not mandatory are provided. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will get DLC (and new mission content) for free.

The content of the story: Three parties compete for the rule of the fantasy world Tamriel, while at the same time they are occupied by dark creatures from another planet.

A little saboteur: It is impressive at the moment, and the vicious dragon also poses a great danger. Did I mention dragons? They are especially popular in the community. You can making Eso Gold here!

The story is for: Those who are fans of the ancient Elder Scrolls games, especially Skyrim, and everyone who likes to make more adult stories through cut scenes and full dubbing.

Final Fantasy XIV

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Since its restart in 2013, Final Fantasy XIV has grown slowly but steadily. Through the third expansion of Shadowbringers, it has reached new heights regarding the number of players and level.

Compared with many other MMORPGs, the story of Final Fantasy XIV occupies a central position. It is continually evolving, and players must first complete it thoroughly before entering the final game.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the few MMORPGs that require a monthly subscription. In return, players will get an exciting and intertwined storyline, tricky moral issues, and interesting multi-layered NPCs that accompany them during the story.

The story is about: The FFXIV story begins with the fact that you came to the world as an adventurer to gain fame and honor. However, casual adventures and simple exploration have gradually become severe dangers that threaten you and your friends.

Ancient conspiracies ensured that the world fell into chaos for the entire millennium. The organization behind it arouses people’s interest, manipulation and murder to achieve its goal, and you must end this goal.

You will travel the world, meet and lose new companions, and become the hero of Eorzea.

The purpose of the story is: if you are a fan of Final Fantasy or other J-RPG, you should not miss FFXIV. Don’t be intimidated by it being MMORPG. The game’s story is easy to keep up with some RPG classics and has already made many players laugh.


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