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A story behind the shining success of Mandeep Singh And Kohii Chandi



A story behind the shining success of Mandeep Singh And Kohii Chandi

A perfect combination of actor and social media expert

In life there can be a rollercoaster of joys and sorrows but what really matters is how we deal with them and carry on with our life destined to carve a name for ourselves so that the world remembers us till posterity. This article specially shades light into the life of Mandeep Singh And Kohii Chandi .

Mandeep Singh

It is said that a star is born once in decades. The young actor Mandeep Singh from Sirsa, Haryana is considering one among those rare stars lately . together with his upcoming movie within the Punjabi Cinema, he has caught the eye of the entire media and also because the audience. His dashing good look and terrific acting performances have won the hearts of the masses and everybody has them on him. All this hype and excitement for somebody has seen after such an extended time within the movie industry .

Kohii Chandi

Young men and women are making their mark in the Indian social media sector. With every passing day, social media is becoming a career of choice for millions across the country. However, only those can sustain in this field who are hard working and passionate about it. One such charismatic young man is Sirsa-based Kohii Chandi . This 25-year-old influencer started freelancing in the field of online marketing and digital promotions when he was 23. And that is how his journey began.

Kohi Chandi has started his own digital marketing agency ‘Kohii Production’. Through this, they work on events. In this, he has also started taking the responsibility of organizing events for emerging artists. He conducts all these events through his company. Soon he is launching web series and movies from his company.

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