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Food Sources of Choline



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Choline is one of the critical most nutrient for your body. It is found in many foods, but your body must get it the required amounts. Otherwise, it will leave a bad impact on your body. So, let us first start with the benefits of Choline. Remember that if you can’t take enough Choline, you can take its supplement named as Alpha GPC, made by Cofttek.

Why is Choline important for human?

So, let us start with all the health benefits that Choline brings to your body. Choline is found in many foods and is best for your brain and nervous systems. They use Choline to regulate our memory and moods. It also helps to control muscles and other functions of our body. Even for the small membranes that surround our body cells, we need Choline to form them. Thus, Choline is a crucial nutrient for our bodies.

What are the Food Sources of Choline?

Now let us move to the next part of this article. Here, we will look into all the foods that contain Choline in them. We will also explore who needs to consume supplements in order to meet their choline demand.

There are various studies, but one of the most common on them suggests that an average US man consumes 396 mg of Choline per day. At the same time, an average US woman consumes 260 mg of Choline per day. Eggs, liver, and peanuts are considered the best food that is rich in Choline. If you are taking them in a good amount, then you need not worry about your balanced dose.

However, there are other foods, too that add a significant amount of Choline to your diet. Here you will find the meat of all types like poultry and fishes, dairy products and egg-based dishes, pasta, and rice. These foods have a lot of amount of Choline in them.

Now there is a third list of foods that also contain a good amount of Choline. These include beets, wheat, and shellfish. A usual meat-eating person has no issues in meeting the daily average of Choline intake. However, the problem arises if you are a strict vegetarian. These people neither use milk or eggs nor eat any meat. As a result, they miss the richest sources of Choline. For these people, we have food supplements like Alpha GPC, which has 40% Choline in it. Thus, it helps to meet the daily intake need of Choline in your body.

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