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High-End Gaming Headset The Audio Technica ATH-AG1X



High-End Gaming Headset The Audio Technica ATH-AG1X

If you are in search of the best handset for gaming, Audio Technica ATH-AG1X is the top pick on Amazon. These headphones have all the features you’d look for in your gaming headphones. They give you a comfortable fit to wear them for hours. These headphones come with a premium quality gooseneck microphone; you can talk to your friends with a clear and smooth voice reception. The microphone is adjustable. You can place it with convenience wherever you find easy to talk. The volume and remote controller also give you the ease of adjusting the sound quality according to your preference.

The Audio Technica ATH-AG1X are made from high quality materials they give you extra comfort you desire to have in your headphones. The design of the headphones is unique. It comes with an impressive look. The sound quality is also quite good enough. You can have a great sound isolation experience. If you are looking for an optimal sound clarity without the disturbance of the outside noise, these headphones are the best choice for you.

There are a lot of headphones available in the market. You have to compromise on the sound quality when it comes to buying the best gaming headphones. There are very rare headphones which can deliver the best sound quality. You have to compromise to a great extent as far as the audio quality is concerned.

With the amazing gooseneck microphone you can have in between game communication with your friends. It also allows you to reject the unwanted noise you don’t want to hear to reduce the distractions while playing the game.

With easy one-hand operation, you are able to control the volume of the headphones. The headphones are quite large. They come with an open-back design which creates a more open and clear sound quality.

The 53mm driver gives you an amazing sound experience. Gaming involves a lot of action and we require listening to every sound quite accurately to play the game intensively. You have to deal with screaming of the enemies, sounds of the bullets, and booms of the tank. These headphones come with an amazing multi-play action which lets you enjoy playing the game at all levels. You get a complete balance of all the sounds in the game you are playing. These headphones are suitable for you to play action-packed games. The 53 mm driver gives you a great sound performance. Compared to all the other High-End Gaming headphones in the market, these headphones come with high-end features. You can have an ultimate gaming experience.

The major drawback we found with the headphones was that they are made from plastic. The plastic is not very high-class. If you are looking for headphones which would stay for you for years, the plastic built might be discouraging.

All in all, despite the built quality, these headphones are high-end quality headphones which are suitable to meet all your gaming needs. The quality of the plastic is not that bad that we don’t buy them from Amazon on an amazing deal.

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