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Hitch’dtheshoe Founder Marc Bakhos, from Lebanon changing the shoe industry



Marc Bakhos interview

Hitch’dtheshoe is a bespoke shoe idea that has been made to give an agreeable expansion to formal shoe clothing. Initially intended to be worn to a wedding, these top-notch sneakers are perfect for any event, and will add present day and a la mode appeal to any outfit.

Made with 100% Italian patent cowhide and a 100% elastic sole, these top notch sneakers are smooth, agreeable and great. From strolling down the walkway, going to work or taking a gander at an occasion, these shoes are stand-out in the Men’s tennis shoe industry.

After its dispatch prior this year we were interested to discover progressively about this brand. Organizer, Marc Bakhos has set aside some effort to talk about the subtleties of Hitch’dtheshoe with us:

To begin, would you be able to reveal to me 3 words that portray your image?

Style, elegance and comfort

What roused you to make Hitch’dtheshoe?

I was searching for an easygoing tennis shoe to get hitched in, yet couldn’t locate a glossy tennis shoe that has the sparkle and the solace that I was searching for to keep going for all the wedding merriments. Along these lines, I chose to make my own image to take into account the noble men with a similar battle. The name is gotten from the word hitched, which implies that you’re getting off the market. We began with Hitch’d gentlemen, which takes into account the men of their word and the dispatch has been fruitful for two months at this point.

Who is your target audience?

The idea of Hitch’dtheshoe began with individuals who are going to weddings just as the man of the hour and his groomsmen, yet from that point forward it turned into a shoe for any way of life and clothing. We are pushing our concentration towards representatives that need to be agreeable and in vogue at work, just as easygoing go-ers who need to look sharp when they go out and tux goers for any exceptional event they may have. Down the line, we likewise have a ladies’ idea coming soon and more items in the course of events.

For what reason do you utilize patent calfskin and elastic contrasted and different materials?

We utilize unadulterated Italian patent cowhide in light of the exceptional sparkle that it gives on a tennis shoe. It is a specialty item that relatively few style architects handled. We utilize 100% elastic sole also to ensure that the solace is there and individuals will appreciate the experience of our pair. You can move and hop around the entire night without stressing over any torments in the foot, in light of the fact that the solace that we offer in the shoe is one of the key highlights of our idea. Likewise, for a fact and criticism from companions and other respectable men, this is an idea that numerous individuals have been sitting tight for, and we conveyed it based not the needs and requests of customers.

What is your take on the present luxury sneaker industry? Are there specific brands or styles that you take motivation from?

My considerations in the extravagance shoe industry has consistently been sure, in light of the fact that tennis shoe sweethearts stay tennis shoe darlings for their entire lives. Since we have a specialty item that is uncommon and exceptionally hard to track down anything like it, we consider the to be as positive. To be completely forthright, when I was searching for a shoe for my marriage that suits with a tuxedo, I didn’t generally discover anything. The nearest I discovered were Hugo Boss’ matte dark sneakers in an outlet shopping center, yet nothing very like Hitch’d Gents.

Do you have any designs to make more styles of sneakers?

Truly, we have around two plans that we required to briefly wait right now. We have a lady’s variant coming out soon, when business gets after the episode we are hoping to dispatch it as our subsequent item. Hitch’d ladies will likewise bring the style, tastefulness and solace as an encounter for all the ladies that need to be comfortable in their trips. Additionally we have Hitch’d youthful grown-ups in progress, we are still in the plan procedure. So with everything taken into account, we are centered around growing our item as we see a specialty advertise and the criticism has been astounding since the time the dispatch.

What are your objectives for Hitch’dtheshoe?

Our objectives at Hitch’dtheshoe are to grow the business further and we will be available to coordinated efforts with influencers and financial specialists sooner rather than later. Our item is based around the fluctuating business sector requests and needs. We see what individuals like and spotlight on the encounters they need to accomplish through input or informal exchange and afterward take into account those necessities.

Do you plan on selling through some other stores/retailers later on?

We as of now sell in DIFC in an idea store called ‘the structure house’ however sadly, for the present, it is briefly shut. We will likewise target other idea configuration stores and extravagance design retailers to make our item progressively obvious. Meanwhile, we are upgrading our online life nearness to raise brand mindfulness during this extreme period.

How has COVID-19 influenced the dispatch of your image?

COVID-19 was a significant hit and a stun to the entire business. Since a large portion of the nations are in lockdown and telecommuting, business has hindered a piece. Prior to the flare-up, we have been exceptionally effective with astounding criticism from our clients. Presently, as I referenced before we are building our image mindfulness on the web and wanting to target various locales, contingent upon where shipment is open too.

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