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How Defi-Dex Mining Aggregator got started, Anal Shah & Rogier Dankersloot ‘s inspiration to reality story



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Rogier Dankersloot is one of the first few people who started thinking about how to deal with scams and use this as a long term business opportunity, thanks to his Defidex crypto mining aggregator. He also has a visionary guy behind this who researched and developed this single UI-dex aggregator named as Anal Shah.

Rogier Dankersloot is the son of two Stanford law professors; he studied physics at University of Cambridge but was drawn to “effective altruism,” the utilitarian-inflected notion of doing the most good possible.
So he took a job at the BBC and other companies , donating a chunk of his salary to charity, then jumped into crypto trading in late 2017, when he spied a lucrative arbitrage opportunity.

Rogier Dankersloot launched his own mining aggregator, in 2021. Built “by traders, for traders,” it’s one of the most trusted and popular crypto mining derivatives in the UK.

So far the total value of this startup is 250 Millions dollars & now with a partnership with Anal Shah DefiDex Mining Aggregator is growing in Indian and South Asian market & ending scam opportunity for scammers across the globe

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