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Hello trader, I would like to Welcome you to The Excalitrade Business presentation. Excalitrade Presents you with the opportunity to trade the Financial Markets.



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The available market on Excalitrade spread across Stocks, Indices and Crypto.

Excalitrade uses a unique AI technology for all its trades and its trading signals are generated by the best high speed trading technology available.

Traders can take advantage of the Trading signals on the platform to place 24hour trades that yield profits to their trading accounts. The trader simply chooses a Market with a strong signal and places a trade from their capital and the estimated profit is recorded during the 24hour trade duration.

The Excalitrade Software gives you a one click solution to trade Different markets without the technical know how of market analysis and research.  Your capital is safe when trading our Signals. Excalitrade has the edge over other brokers cause we offer you the best options trading software and signals all in one place.

Our Crypto Options and Stock Options signals provide you with a safe way to trade online using tested trading bots which deliver small but gradual returns.

For Partners and leaders, Excalitrade Has lots of advantages starting from the daily referral bonus paid to you by your downlines trading activity. You can earn extra income and grow your trading capital by teaching users about our services and by sharing your referral link to them.

Take a step today and create your account, visit to get started And explore the markets.

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