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How do we know if we have singing talent or not? Today we invited Mr. Arash Avin to explain to us



How do we know if we have singing talent or not Today we invited Mr. Arash Avin to explain to us

Is singing a natural ability? How do we know about our singing passion?

Can singing be inherited?

With no doubt, no trait in the human body and mind is not rooted in the individual’s genes.

The human larynx and each person’s voice can be genetic, and each person has their voice.

We can divide students into three categories:

The first category:

There are people who carry well-created voices and they are not afraid to sing

The second category:

There are people in this group who are relatively talented but to achieve the best conditions, they must work tirelessly and work on continuous training. This group needs 2 to 4 hours of training per day to get acceptable results.

The third category:

This group is usually people who do not have a good voice and fail the initial singing test. Undoubtedly, this group must train 8 to 10 hours a day to be able to show their laryngeal abilities.

But if you have the following passion and abilities, you can hope for your singing talent:

1. People who are inherently talented always sing, no matter who is around them or not, they are always reading and you like your voice more than others.

2. You are interested in playing the instrument and at some point in your life, you have learned to play the instrument.

3. If you are a musician

4. You pay more attention to your instrument’s sound.

5. You are attending the choir.

6. You are fans of singers or musicians and you always talk about them.

7. Music would be helpful to relieve and heal.

8. You do not listen to music just to spend time, but you get lost in the club and any other place by listening to the melody of time.

9. Music connects you to old memories and feelings. Now, these memories can be anything.

10. Music is a way of expressing your emotion to others.

11. Sharing music with your friends on social media and enjoy talking to your favorite singer and musicians. 12. People will ask you to disregard listening to their music and you won’t be tempered.

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