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How Gurinder Brar is taking over the North American Real Estate Industry



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High achieving Canadian real estate developer and founder of GSB Luxury Homes, Gurinder Brar is the face of North America’s latest property boom. In his 16 years of experience, the entrepreneurial real estate mogul has achieved over $1 Billion in sales. He’s dominated the food and servicing industry owning three Dominos Pizzas, and made several television appearances, all while organically developing one of the most diverse and luxurious real estate portfolios around the globe.

The Start

The suave CEO of real estate conglomerate GSB Luxury Homes started from humble beginnings growing up in the Northeast side of Calgary with his parents, and 2 siblings. As times weren’t always easy, Gurinder recalls his childhood days of playing schoolyard games in the scorching summer heat with neighborhood friends before being called in for supper by his mother just before sun down. While driving past that same $400,000 childhood home in his $510,000 F8 Spider, he describes the experience as “surreal to the point of being unexplainable”. The once realtor has earned it all. A limitless life filled with fulfillment, wealth, luxury, and adventure with his main priority always being his beautiful family and friends.

Adversity Strengthens the Mind, as Labor Does the Body.

Gurinder faced adversity early in his real estate journey as a fresh faced and eager eighteen year old in an industry filled with those who were senior to him. Like anyone starting out, the business tycoon has opened up about the challenges he’s overcome explaining “I was a very introverted person coming into an extroverted industry. Public speaking and working in front of peers was a challenge at first.” Gurinder quickly learnt to pivot. He soon began to move at the pace of the real estate elite while his inert passion for helping his clients and associates with a spirit of intention & professionalism was quickly noticed by his peers. It wasn’t long before the renowned real estate developer was quickly catching the eyes of real estate investors around the continent.

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The Keys to Gurinders Rise:

From humble beginnings to owning a Ferrari collection lead by his prized 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista. Gurinder credits his rise to real estate stardom to the non replicable wisdom he gained along the way from colleagues, mentors, and pure experience recalling his early spendings on everything from a small cup of coffee to several five course meals with his mentors and those he aspired to learn from in the pursuit of gaining insight into their paths to success. We were fortunate enough to learn Gurinder’s 5 most impactful tips for both young and aspiring real estate professionals:

1. Make Your Day Count

Gurinder is a firm believer of “if it isn’t in your calendar, it doesn’t exist” suggesting that the key to a successful day filled with achievement starts with a detailed schedule and a list of To Do’s. He begins every day with the sun awaking at 5:00 AM and planning his day from start to finish. While his work and purpose is of great importance to him, he never neglects to reserve from 8:00 PM on for his loved ones, turning his phone to Do Not Disturb and devoting that time and attention purely to his loving wife and business partner, Jasmin  and their three dogs.

2. Mindset is Everything

When asked about his outlook on the role of mindset in the pursuit of success, the housing market innovator explained “Those who aspire to be great at their craft rather than chase monetary gain will indeed also be rich”. In his G.R.E.M. Academy Seminars & Coaching sessions, Gurinder emphasizes the importance of choosing to be exceptional at your craft and committing yourself mentally for the road ahead. He teaches that success takes mental toughness as powering through humbling beginnings is precisely what helps you pave your path towards mastery. Failure is merely an opportunity to learn, which takes us to the peoples’ champions’ third powerful tip..

3. Always be Open to Learning

The Calgarian real estate developer credits his success to his commitment to personal growth and his willingness to listen and learn from everyone he’s brushed shoulders with, stating “While it can be easier to close off, the path to gaining wisdom and insight comes from listening rather than speaking. When we are speaking we are not learning, while when we are listening we are both absorbing, processing, and learning resulting in growth”

4. Breakup With Your Comfort Zone

The once introverted Gurinder credits his personal success as a Canada-wide public speaker to his commitment to doing what is in the best interest of his higher purpose rather than doing what is simply comfortable. Three times a week Gurinder finds something that’s outside of his comfort zone and submerges himself in it to make his goal of continuous self growth inevitable. “Do what is easy, and your life will be hard. Do what is hard and your life will be easy.” is a motto that Gurinder lives by on a daily basis. He now teaches thousands to break through their own personal comfort zones in his Global Real Estate Masterminds Seminars.

5. “Rankings Over Numbers”/Under-Promise and Over-Deliver.

One of Gurinders’ strongest traits is his devotion to each and every one of his valued clients. When asked about his company’s number related  goals, the publicly proclaimed innovator humbly responded with a soft spoken tone “We chase rankings rather than numbers. Connecting with our clients and effectively turning their dreams into reality is what brings us fulfillment as a company. That care has brought our company to the ranks we are in now and is what will continue to solidify GSB Luxury Homes as an industry leader for years to come.”.

Known for his client satisfaction over numbers mindset, Gurinder often teaches his partners and students to under-promise and over-deliver in client scenarios to establish a reputation of integrity and reliability. Described by Gurinder as “a customer service strategy where you give your clients more than you initially promised to delight them and make them feel valued and well served as that is what all of our clients at GSB Luxury Homes deserves.”.


Sharing his Real Estate Secrets (Talk about masterclass)

The real estate developer looks forward to continuing the inevitable worldwide takeover of GSB Luxury Homes while furthering his philanthropic role in the collective pursuit of a better world. Gurinder continues to inspire with his Global Real Estate Masterminds community where he and many respected industry leaders provide their secrets to success in both Real Estate and personal growth. You can meet Gurinder on April 1st in Vancouver, Canada where he’ll be presenting as a highly anticipated guest speaker at Glenn Sanford, CEO of EXP World Holdings’  “The Making of a Billionaire” Seminar.

With that, we come to a close in the telling of the ongoing story of a once single realtor who turned his dream into an international conglomerate. While many wish to inspire minds, the impact of the subtle creative genius of Gurinder Brar will electrify the real estate world for years to come.





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