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How to get new clients and retain them starting out as an agency owner or freelancer, with Yemi Oniya Jr.



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Yemi Oniya Jr, founder and head of online growth at YO Digital Agency, which is a full service digital marketing agency specializing in online growth for businesses and works out of both the US and the UK. Yemi is an expert at helping his clients establish an online presence as a small or local business.

Yemi claims ‘If you have no credibility or name yet, best thing to do is reach out to prospective clients and offer your services free for 2-3 weeks. Make an agreement that during that time if you deliver results they will hire you for 90 days at whatever rate you negotiate. During that 90 days over
deliver and they’ll want to keep you on long term. In addition and most importantly, ask for a written or video testimonial carousel that you can start to build a portfolio on and leverage as you seek more clients.’

He then recommends asking if they know other businesses that you can be referred to. Keep the cycle going on boom you’re in business. But why should you take advice from this person? Yemi has worked with fortune 500 companies along with several small businesses, which speaks to his agency’s credibility and guarantees to be worth your time and money. The agency works mainly with small/local businesses and e-commerce businesses, essentially if you’re a business looking to grow your online presence. His marketing agency YO Digital has built a solid and happy customer base with clients receiving the utmost service and results regardless of company size.

Yemi landed his ever first client who was a big dating coach expert by writing him a sales email free of charge that ended up performing really well. 2 weeks later he ended up signing that client for 2k/month. Yemi is great at providing world class digital marketing services in SEO, IG/FB ads, social media growth, etc. He is also an effective sales closer allowing him the advantage of being able to close deals himself without necessarily having a huge sales team.

Yemi’s agency is reaching new heights as he emphasizes the importance of building that clientele and quick credibility especially when first starting out.

To connect with Yemi Oniya Jr or to contact him for advice on taking your business to the next level, please visit @yemioniyajr on Instagram.

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