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How to get new clients, with Bud Nation Agency



How to get new clients with Bud Nation Agency

Bud Nation Agency is a Vancouver, Canada-based digital marketing firm that focuses on generating new leads for your business model every day. Specializing in web development, SEO, Social media management and engagement, lead generation, Bud Nation Agency focuses on providing all-round growth to your venture, making sure that no corner is left unexplored. Here are some tips and tricks they shared in an interview with us about how to increase your client base.

Ask for referrals, don’t wait for them Referrals are the most obvious and well-known way to get new clients. However, too many consultants just wait for referrals to fall in their lap. After all, happy clients should spread your name, right? Most clients will, but sometimes clients are busy and won’t go out of their way. Instead of waiting, open your email and find 2 happy clients, who haven’t sent you referrals yet. You are going to email them right now asking for a referral.

Partner with agencies Partnering with an agency is a great way to bring in new clients. We have used this exact strategy and built a partnership with an agency that sends me at least 1 new client per month. We also make sure the agency is larger than my consultancy, so I’m not competing. I found agencies usually pass on work because: The budget is too low They have no interest in the project They don’t have availability They don’t have the required skills or expertise Normally when an agency turns down a prospective client, they’ll refer the client to a new company in their network. That’s where you come in. We have reached out to a dozen or so web agencies with a personalized email offering to partner or take on any work they pass up. We received responses from about half and set up phone calls with each to discuss further.

Browse job boards This is another no-brainer, and chances are you already use job boards. This is probably one of the easiest ways to get new clients. These boards include logo design, web design, development, marketing, copywriting, and miscellaneous jobs. Positions cover remote, full-time, part-time, contract, and more, so there’s plenty of options.

Follow up with lost clients When We say “lost clients”, we are referring to clients you may have spoken with or sent a proposal to in the past but didn’t win the business. Go through your email and find clients you lost 2+ months ago. Send them a follow-up email asking how their project is coming along, and if there is anything you can do for them. This tactic is about being helpful and showing you care about the client. This can lead to a small project or even spark a new conversation about hiring you if they are unhappy with their previous selection. If not, you’re still putting yourself on their radar and might see some referrals coming your way.

Follow up with your network Browse through old email conversations with colleagues, connections, and people you’ve spoken within the past, who could be a fit for your consultancy. Follow up with each, asking what they’ve been up to and how you can help. Asking how you can help the person, whether it’s giving feedback, advice, tips, or doing a small task, can be rewarding, and it helps you build up relationships with the right people. Remember, if you go out of your way to help someone for free, they’ll likely return the favor and help you.

Run an ad campaign Facebook ads and Google Adwords are great ways to advertise your consultancy to prospective clients. Both platforms let you set a small daily budget for those that are cash-strapped or want to test the waters. These platforms allow you to track who visits your site, and lets you later serve ads to them via Facebook, Twitter, and other online marketing channels. However, there may be a higher minimum budget, depending on the sites and creatives you select.


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