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How to Use Schezwan Sauce in Indian Cuisine



How to Use Schezwan Sauce in Indian Cuisine

Schezwan Sauce can be a game-changer in your Indian kitchen, bringing bold and spicy flavours to everyday meals. Even though this is an amazing sauce inspired by Chinese Cuisine, it has made a special place in Indian Cuisine.

Amongst all of the Schezwan Sauces, we shortlisted the GOOD&MOORE Schezwan Sauce, which is made with Real Vegetables, has no added preservatives and colours, and the best thing is that it doesn’t have any MSG. In this post, let’s explore how you can easily use GOOD&MOORE Schezwan Sauce to give a special twist to your regular Indian Dishes.

#1 – Schezwan Paneer Tikka

Transform your regular Paneer Tikka into a spicier version by adding Schezwan Sauce. In a bowl, mix chunks of Paneer with yogurt, a bit of turmeric, red chili powder, and a spoonful of GOOD&MOORE Schezwan Sauce. Let it marinate briefly, then thread onto skewers and grill or bake until golden.

Now your Tasty and Spicy Schezwan Paneer Tikka is ready to enjoy! You can grill it or bake it in the oven until the Paneer is cooked.

#2 – Schezwan Vegetable Biryani

Give your Vegetable Biryani a flavorful twist with GOOD&MOORE Schezwan Sauce. Cook your biryani rice with veggies and spices as usual. Heat a spoonful of Schezwan Sauce in a separate pan and stir in the cooked rice and veggies. Ensure the sauce coats every grain, creating a Quick Schezwan Vegetable Biryani.

With the layering, the Schezwan Sauce will leave a subtle aroma; when served, it will give a fantastic colour to your Biryani. Also, it’ll make your Biryani spicy and Enjoyable at the same time.

#3 – Schezwan Masala Pav

Bored of eating Pav Bhaji or simple Masala Pav? Well, elevate the Masala Pav flavors with the Schezwan Sauce. First, Sauté onions, tomatoes, and your favourite masalas until they form a thick base. Add a spoonful of GOOD&MOORE Schezwan Sauce and let it simmer. Spread this spicy Schezwan masala onto the pav and toast until crisp.

You can eat this Masala Pav with Onion slices or turn it into a Spicy and Red Hot Vadapav by adding a Hot Vada.

Final Words

GOOD&MOORE Schezwan Sauce is a simple way to bring spice to your Indian dishes. Whether you’re spicing up starters like Easy Schezwan Paneer Tikka, infusing bold flavours into your main course with Quick Schezwan Vegetable Biryani, or turning classic street food into Homemade Schezwan Masala Pav, have something else to suggest? Please use the comments section below.

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