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International Day of Families 2020 Theme: Facts of the day



International Day of Families

The International Day of Families, every year held on May 15, celebrates the significance of families and the work began during the International Year of Families. This year, individuals may embrace their families somewhat more than ever — thanks to coronavirus it fundamentally expects to teach individuals about the significance of family.

Going by the name, a day for family intends to permit friends and family to take a break from their everyday lives and get to know each other. It’s fundamentally a relaxing day with a family with no enormous festival. The International Day of Families was broadcasted by the United Nations and Universal Peace Federation in 1993 to encourage better living standards and social advancement of families over the world.

International Day of Families 2020 Theme

The International Day of Families is celebrated every year to feature the issues and clashes in families with the goal that it very well may be unraveled. The theme for International Day of Families 2020 is ‘Families in Development: Copenhagen and Beijing + 25’. 2020 has been a staggering year for us all as coronavirus hits the globe. We have lost numerous lives because of the COVID-19 crisis and it has been mentioned by the government to stay at home.

The United Nations in 2020, concerning this, projected the theme to stress the significance of families and how much they intend to us with regards to the pandemic Covid-19. As indicated by the UN, a family has a value of foundation pillar in the development of society as social laws and standards are the foreseen form of family bonding and quality.

Through this theme, the UN has endeavored to re-visualize the seized development of families. It is just a family that can repatriate distresses and relieves our torments and doesn’t permit us to sit back in the time of preliminary. A family is additionally a source to overcome social and individual fears a family is a vital part of our delights as well as our pain.

The current year’s 25th anniversary of the Copenhagen Declaration and Beijing Platform for Action comes during a period of one of the most challenging global health and social crises. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic brings into sharp focus on the significance of investing in social policies securing the most vulnerable people and families. The families endure the worst part of the emergency, sheltering their individuals from harm, thinking about out-of-school children, and, simultaneously, proceeding with their work duties.

Families have become the center point of intergenerational cooperation that helps us in this emergency. Under economic duress, poverty develops. Amid vulnerability stress increments – frequently bringing about developing violence against ladies and children. That is the reason the help for vulnerable families – the individuals who have lost their income, those in insufficient housing, those with small kids, older people, and people with disabilities – is basic now like never before.

Around the world, ladies are progressively partaking in the formal and casual labor force, while proceeding to expect a disproportionate burden of the family unit work in correlation with men, and work-family balance is harder to accomplish. The basic of guaranteeing gender equality in the family is, in this manner, increasing more consideration.

As the world battles to react to the COVID-19 emergency, there is a genuine chance to reevaluate and change how our economies and societies function to cultivate more prominent correspondence for all. In doing as such, gender equity won’t be attainable without more noteworthy equality in families, and that on this, as so much else, the Beijing Platform for Action keeps on giving a visionary guide of where we have to go.

Since the world is keeping up social distancing, most events have either been canceled or have taken the virtual route. The International Day of Families 2020 will be celebrated online through their Facebook page as expressed on the official UN website.

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Purpose of International Day of Families

UN General Assembly understood the significance of the essential family system and announced 15 May as International Family Day in 1993, and firstly was celebrated on 15 May 1994. The family system is the most fundamental element of social solidarity and a peaceful society. Since 1996 the UN has been proffering a yearly theme for this Day.

UN Secretary-General urged upon the public policy producers to settle the obstructions in the family system. The working states of parents influence them to play a smart role for their families.

The International Day of Families is, consequently, a source to attract the attention of policy creators to create need-based policies to make a sustaining environment at the family level for kids, because a dysfunctional family system can’t construct a functional society.

Facts of the International Day of Families

  • The Day was pronounced by the UN in 1993 and was first celebrated on 15 May 1994.
  • The year 1994 was the International Year of Families that was broadcasted by the United Nations.
  • The Theme of the Day was initially proffered by the UN in 1996 and on-wards.
  • The most extreme truth of this Day is to recognize the individuals about the advantages of a family system.
  • Family Day gives a chance to resolve the family influencing issues.

Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on International Day of Families 2020

To the extent this pandemic has carried debacle to our financial system, it has additionally made us consider the value of family lost in the hustle of modernization. It has brought us back the value of the walled-chamber where its identity was damaged. Even though the 20th century has brought numerous biological and social improvements for us yet in its stream, our moralities, our presence, and our love have been suffocated and confronted an everlasting demise.

At the point when the entire world was bound to a social distancing and we as a whole are presently in a condition of isolation, a family hasn’t been avoided. Our blood relations are giving us relief, they have even embraced us when the world where we generally battled saved us. Consequently, this pandemic is albeit a fiasco for a large number of us as it is constantly snatching our dear ones from us yet demonstrated a surprisingly beneficial turn of events to make us revalue our positions for us before it is too late.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where the world should live inside the homes, the annual recognition of the International Day of Families 2020 in the United Nations Headquarters New York will be led online.


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