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Interview with Ms. Nikta Mokhtari about the characteristics of a good and characterful girl



Interview with Ms. Nikta Mokhtari about the characteristics of a good and characterful girl

Nikta Mokhtari is a young girl and a successful Iranian-Turkish influencer, and a famous singer.  Nikta has become famous in the virtual space, especially on Instagram and YouTube, due to the activities and successes she her had in Turkey in the last few years.  She is also fluent in Farsi, Turkish, English, and a little Spanish and recently founded her own popular brand called BraveNikshop.  Nikta Mokhtari was born (on 28/07/1998) and currently lives in London – England.

 You can follow Nikta Mokhtari on Instagram at @niktamokhtari.

The characteristics of a girl with character from the words of Ms. Nikta Mokhtari

 She is an honest and truthful girl

 Honesty is a very valuable feature that should be the main pillar of a person’s personality. A girl with character shows her true self and prefers to tell the truth when lying is the best way. Her way of thinking and behaving with morals and  Her values ​​match. Since such a girl treats everyone with respect, others also value her.

 She is grateful

 A strong and complete girl always pays attention to the smallest things in her life. She is grateful to her family, friends, colleagues and all the people who have taught her something or done something for her. This feeling of gratitude

 It is humorous in its own way

 Being personable does not mean that we should always be serious and dry. By the way, a girl with character uses her sense of humor and extraordinary energy in the right situations. When life becomes difficult and challenging, she can  Her humor gives hope to life. Humor is a sexy feature that makes a girl more attractive to a boy.

 is patient

 Patience is an essential virtue for women. A girl with character never worries because she knows that everything happens at the best time. She is admirable with her good spirit and hope in her heart because she does not give up easily. Patience makes  May he resist every challenge in life and reach his goals.

 It is supportive and encouraging

 An older daughter can be a good supporter in her time and by her words and actions, she inspires courage in her relatives and motivates them.

 is loyal

 A girl with character is true to herself and her words and actions. Her opinions don’t change all the time. Because of her sense of loyalty and commitment, she acts on what she says without any hesitation. Such a girl is always behind you even if the world is against you.

 She speaks well

 A girl with character avoids using dirty and rude words. She knows very well that the way she speaks shows what is going on in her mind and heart. That’s why she always speaks well and beautifully.

 She dresses with taste

 Another characteristic of a girl with personality is to dress with class and style. They wear clothes that are really appropriate as well as beautiful. Such a girl knows well that she does not need to pay exorbitant fees to dress well and it has the ability to look beautiful, well-dressed and neat in every way.

 She is not jealous

 A great woman never allows jealousy to creep into her because she is well aware of her own qualities and loves herself the way she is. Instead of comparing, such a girl is proud of herself and celebrates the success of others with happiness beside them.  celebrates

 welcomes challenges

 A woman with character and strength knows that she has to deal with various challenges in order to grow and succeed. She prefers to move forward and learn new things instead of staying in her safe zone and resting.

 She respects

  Self-respect is a trait that every girl should learn. A bold girl does not allow others to humiliate her or mistreat her. Such a girl knows very well how much she is worth and what other people think about her does not matter at all.  Because she is the best and does the best for.

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