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Is Time Travel Possible?



Is Time Travel Possible

Everything is fleeting in the universe we live in. The cosmic wonders you admire in awe in the sky, or the monuments you click pictures of on this little blue planet, will one day be reduced to nothing but ash and eventually the inevitable nothingness. Every relationship you have or will, every song is sung and dance danced, will be taken by the nothingness that awaits.

Time is unstoppable; it is inevitable.

We may not be able to travel through time. Let’s discuss.


Looking up at the sky, stargazing, you really get to admire the beauty of the universe. It’s mindboggling to think that the “diamonds in the sky” we’re taught about in preschool are actually stars and neighboring planets.

When we look at these celestial phenomena, we’re actually witnessing a version of them that has already passed.

Take the Milky Way galaxy, for example, which is 100,000 light years away from Earth. This essentially means that the light within the components of The Milky Way will take thousands upon thousands of years to reach.

So, when we’re looking up at the sky, we’re essentially looking back in time.

Some scientists, much like Einstein’s theory of special relativity, have proposed the idea of utilizing means faster than light to travel back in time. Think about it: if time slows down as the object travels near the speed of light, would going past the speed mean time is flowing backward?

Even though traveling at speeds faster than that of light is impossible, is there a way, given our current resources, we can move both forward and backward in time?


Black holes are incredibly vast and mysterious celestial objects, wandering the abyss of space and devouring anything in their way. But what if you were told being near one can help you travel through time?

However, if we hang out near the edge of the black hole, we’ll reach a point where gravity is prodigious. For every few hours that pass for us, a whopping 1,000 years would pass for our friends and family on Earth. Hence, if we found a way to escape the black hole’s gaping chasm and returned to Earth, we’d essentially have traveled into the future.

Wormholes are another hypothetical means through which we can time travel. Picture space as a huge stretchy fabric. This, essentially, is what we know as space-time. Everything we know exists on this very plain of existence.

But what if this fabric was manipulated?

Wormholes are theorized to be tunnels through the fabric of space and time; these are gateways to space essentially without travel. Entering the mouth of a wormhole can possibly make you exit the other end at a completely different time.

Even though we may be far from the invention of the first time machine, it doesn’t mean millions of fanatics are not getting their “time travel experience” through works of science fiction. 

The real question is, how will Julie Buckingham and Michael Hall, in author Stephen Jensen’s brilliant new science fiction book, deal with their very own “time fall?”

Avalon TimeFall takes us through Colonial America, where we witness witch trials, pirates, and high-class nobility as Michael tries to decipher his Arthurian lineage. Will he be successful in his plight? How will the couple fare through the mind-bending story? Only one way to find out.

Avalon TimeFall is now available on Amazon.  

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