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Jeevan Tiwari; Today’s Youth Icon



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Youth is the real power of any nation. Youth decides the future of any nation. The energy and power, that youth have, can’t be expected from any age group. This is the only reason of the importance of the youth in any country or field. The period between childhood and adulthood can be remarked as youth.

“Youth can be called as the heroes of the tomorrow; youth have the energy that will define future.”

 It is very important that the youth is properly guided. The energy in youth, if properly guided, can make many amazing changes in the world. The power of changing is an asset of the youth. They are very adaptable to any change in the era.

Today’s youth, as we all notice, are always busy with their smart phones. They spend hours and hours of their valuable time without doing any productive activity. This is very harmful to the future of the country. There are some young men, though, who have proved the power of youth by changing the so-called techniques in the society. Here, we are talking about one such young entrepreneur, named Jeevan Tiwari.

Jeevan Tiwari is a very young entrepreneur. He has got success at the age of only 20. He is a    very well-known entrepreneur. He is very creative in the field of digital marketing field and content creation. This young entrepreneur has a special skill, that is very rare in an entrepreneur. Here, we are talking about the skill of singing. Singing is very rare in the so-called community of businessmen. This young man always spares time from his busy schedule for his hobby. Singing is his passion. Jeevan Tiwari is having an amazing voice that is very sweet naturally. As it is said, artists are born, can’t be made, that is proved 100% right in the case of Jeevan Tiwari. He has natural talent of singing. This natural talent is sharpened by Jeevan Tiwari by his efforts. His constant efforts have sharpened his talent of singing in such a manner that listeners forget their stress, on hearing the sweet voice of Jeevan Tiwari.

 Young men, like Jeevan Tiwari, are like youth icon in today’s era. Today, it is very rare to find such a combination of art and intellectual. It is very important to hold our values and basic art in the busy schedules and competitive era. The songs by Jeevan Tiwari are entertaining the nation. The spirit of this young man is very amazing, and this spirit can be felt in his loving songs. Let’s wish a very good luck to Jeevan Tiwari, for his brighter career in the field of music also. Let’s wish that this young entrepreneur gets success in the music industry too.

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