John Lawson, CEO of Pro Speaker Funnels Reveals The 5 Vital Marketing Funnels You Need for Your Online Business

If you have ever attempted anything related to e-commerce, you may have come across the term “marketing funnels.” These funnels are the path a customer takes, starting from learning about you to buying something from you. The marketing funnel itself is the steps that turn the curious individual into a paying buyer throughout the journey.

Every business employs some form of marketing funnel. However, not all marketing funnels are equal; some are better than others. There are even many types of marketing funnels, each specifically built to convert customers in different ways. This article will talk about some of these marketing funnels to help you identify the perfect funnel for your online business.

1. Survey Funnel

The primary purpose of a survey funnel is to help you categorize different leads to send relevant promotions. It works by providing an attractive prospect with valuable offers. It also collects additional information for segmenting and classifying different types of leads. Such information is generally taken from customers through surveys, hence the name. The survey funnel is vital, especially if you sell various products. It makes sure each product gets the attention it deserves.

2. Storefront Funnel

The storefront funnel does not utilize a storefront. Instead, it tries to imitate the experience that storefronts offer, particularly the window-shopping experience. This is done by listing various products that an e-commerce website would showcase their products. Various other funnels convert those interested in these listings to slowly move closer and closer to become a converted customer.

3. Application Funnel

This funnel’s primary goal is to get interested buyers to call you, set up a meeting with you, or carry out any other effort to meet you to discuss an offer. This is generally done for services that have a high price tag. Through the discussion, you will attempt to negotiate a price and other factors to do business. The prior meeting is meant to ensure that those interested in your services schedule some sort of meeting with you, acting as a sign that they qualify as a prospect even before meeting them.

4. Product Sales Funnel

For online businesses that sell a physical product through online means, the product sales funnel is a must-have. The main goal of this funnel is to convert any interested individual into a paying buyer. It works by offering a cheap product, followed by upselling or down-selling other products once they buy the initial offering. This can help you increase your cart values and your revenues per sale.

5. Lead Generation Funnel

The lead generation funnel, also known as the lead magnet funnel, is one of the most common funnels used in online business. The main goal of this funnel is to generate leads. This funnel is generally the first funnel in the customer’s journey, followed by various other funnels depending on your needs. In many cases, the lead generation funnel utilizes free content in exchange for contact information, which you can then use to market to them.


These various funnels all play different roles, but their biggest goal is to get you as many customers as possible. If you have not yet implemented these funnels or have discovered a marketing funnel that you can utilize, do not hesitate to try them out. Waiting longer can mean money not gained, which simply equates to money lost. That said, if you are having trouble implementing these funnels, reach out to lead generation agencies. They’ll have plenty of experience working with funnels and will give you the assistance you need to maximize your sales and growth.

Pro Speaker Funnels are marketing funnels experts offering strategies to maximize your leads and sales to lead your business to success. Work with us today and get the funnels you need to succeed!

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