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Know more about India’s first and only chain of superlative luxury rehabilitation centres: Veda Rehab & Wellness



Know more about Indias first and only chain of superlative luxury rehabilitation centres Veda Rehab Wellness

In the last few years, terminology like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and mental health have entered the vocabulary of the urban Indian Citizen. Before that, these terms were merely an arrangement of alphabets or something we had heard of in English movies but didn’t fully understand. We were as ignorant about these terms as we were about the challenges our family and loved ones experienced, simply because we didn’t believe it was real, and it wasn’t real until it flowed blood or required surgery.

The consequence of such ignorance was dementia, as well as a loss of interest in life, happiness, and, worst of all, hope. While anyone can suffer from addictions, depression, and other mental illnesses, with the proper treatment and therapies, they can recover and live a healthy and wholesome life.

Rehab and Wellness programs are important elements of any treatment plan for addiction. Conventional addiction control, treatment therapies, and drugs have been used for a long time. And while they do work, these therapies and drugs have their limitations. An alternative to conventional therapies is to approach the treatment of addiction and other disorders from a holistic point of view. Holistic therapies focus on recovery in a comprehensive way by using a variety of approaches that focus on both the mind and the body. Holistic healing focuses on identifying or developing stress-relieving mechanisms, pursuing health and wellness activities, and building a positive outlook and confidence that will help an individual in maintaining abstinence and overall wellbeing. Veda Rehab & Wellness centre is one of the best Rehab in India and it provides evidence-based, highly effective comprehensive therapies for drug and alcohol abuse and other mental and psychological disorders and conditions.

Know more about Indias first and only chain of superlative luxury rehabilitation centres Veda Rehab Wellness 1

Veda Rehab & Wellness is India’s first and only chain of superlative luxury rehabilitation centres, owned and operated by Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness Private Limited. The company offers multi-specialty rehab and wellness facilities for the addicts of substance abuse, drug abuse, and those afflicted with mental and psychological disorders and/or conditions. Veda Wellness & Rehab is a premier holistic healing and wellness destination and is one of the best Rehab with its centres across cities in India. It aims at providing world-class psychological assessment and care, so that people suffering from addictions, anxiety, and depression, etc. get the much-needed opportunity to enhance and transform their lives, without compromising on the luxuries they are used to, and also without worrying about their privacy while treatment is ongoing. The key services currently offered by Veda Rehab & Wellness are: alcohol de-addiction service, substance de-addiction service, prescription drugs’ de-addiction service, and treatment of co-occurring clinical disorders (such as anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Impulse Control Disorder, etc.).

Incorporated in July 2020, Veda Rehab & Wellness has established two flagship centres to date — one located in Goregaon, Mumbai, and the other one is recently opened in Bengaluru. Realizing the growing and urgent need for rehab and wellness expertise in metro cities of India, Veda Rehab & Wellness plans to open two new centres in the coming year- one in Kolkata and one in Delhi. Over the long term, Veda envisions expanding its footprints and dominate the Indian market to be the best rehab in India and becoming the first-ever countrywide chain of rehab and de-addiction centres.

Veda understands that every patient is unique and ensures that their doctors and counselors work one-on-one with each patient and provide their full attention to them. Veda Rehab and Wellness focuses on a super-exclusive and focused care and treatment process that is customized and tailored for every individual as per his/her needs. Veda centres come under the best rehab in Mumbai and Bangalore, they provide robust treatment and care based on a combination of traditional methods of therapy combined with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Nutritional Science, and Ayurveda. They incorporate the latest and best-in-class therapies including Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) which is a relatively latest form of talk therapy that lays emphasis on the inter-personal skills of a person making them better at communication and functioning. Veda’s holistic treatment and medical expertise ensure that every patient gets the best-in-class care, amid a comfortable and super-luxurious environment. The progress of the treatment is closely monitored on a real-time basis and the treatment schedule is recalibrated, if and when required. Amongst this attention is paid to ensure the personal safety, comfort, and confidentiality of an individual.

Veda Rehab & Wellness facilities are managed by a highly qualified, experienced, and specialized team of Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Cognitive Behavioural Specialists, and Professionals, besides an illustrious Advisory Board of domain experts who guide and direct the adoption of the latest techniques and treatment protocols. Each Veda centre has a qualified Psychologist as Centre Head, a clinical Psychologist, a trained chef, a physical trainer, a concierge desk, 24×7 private security. The Veda team at each centre works with a nutritionist to curate meal plans that support the recovery of all its clients. Additionally, there are multiple consultants who bring in different forms of therapies through art, music, and craft in addition to physical games, board games, exercise equipment, and various other modern amenities.

Currently, Veda Rehab & Wellness is working on its own proprietary treatment protocols for rehabilitation and wellness. Their proprietary rehab programme encompasses Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Matrix Model Therapy, Self-help group at its core along with a major influence from world-renowned nutritionists and specialists in Ayurvedic healing and Yoga. One of its programmes called ‘The Phoenix’, which is under final testing at the moment, will be a more effective treatment programme than the regular programmes followed by the rehabs in India which makes Veda one of the best rehab in India and perhaps across the world.

Veda functions beyond just the recovery of the patients. It takes pride in instilling a life-long responsibility and dedication to healthy living in people through its wellness programmes. The facility also strives to promote community inclusion and sober resilience. To do this, therapists engage with patients to build a post-treatment plan that is tailored to their specific requirements, as well as providing resources, supervision, and support in their home communities.

Veda being one of the best rehabs in India is easy to access for those who are looking to treat their addiction and have made their courageous decision. The center has a full-fledged 24×7 customer care available on the toll-free number 081518 30000. You can also reach out to Abhishek Annapappa, centre admin & in-house psychologist at 09590009099, or mail at [email protected].

Veda Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre

Thai Cottage no. 10, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065

Email at [email protected]

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