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LeShawn Lewis’ Relation With YouTube And His Future YouTube Plans



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LeShawn Lewis (PB The GOAT Merch) was born November 6, 1986 in Lynwood, Ca.

Lewis was able to present himself in a new direction by investing in him, something he highlighted as an important part of success. It took him a long time to complete his job but he never lost hope!

The starting moment when he decided to take YouTube seriously:

STARTED her YouTube channel (Poppy Blasted) in 2013. He did not begin to take it seriously until 2015 when he first discovered that he could be paid for doing what he loved to create for the 360 ​​Wave Hair Care Community Lessons / Content!

How YouTube has transformed its lifestyle in terms of lifestyle and anything else and the biggest change it has made:

YouTube has definitely changed his life, he has always been the kind of shy and timid guy! Being in front of a camera that creates the content of millions of people on Earth has made him very open!

About product development (anything you can say about the process, the time it took to get the product “right”, etc.):

HE MADE Hair Products he had never studied in school. It was a matter of trial and error and watching many YouTube videos. Learn the difference between the high quality of all natural butter and oils and those that are refined. It took him a long time to make his job complete but he never lost hope!

His future YouTube plans (sharing, family channel, content and more):

His future YouTube programs will be launching a new channel (The Goat Drip Family) A great family his kids would love when he launched a YouTube channel that reflects our daily lifestyle around the world!

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