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PB The Goat Merch, A Business That Began From Ambitious and Driven YouTuber-Turned-Entrepreneur, Poppy Blasted



PB The Goat Merch

LeShawn Lewis, notably known as Poppy Blasted, began his YouTube journey in 2013 and since has created a platform of 287k subscribers. Through all the content he has produced, he has been able to rack in 38 million (and counting) views.

Lewis mentioned that in 2015 is when he began taking his journey on the platform a lot more seriously because he had realized he could monetize himself by doing what he “loves”. Creating tutorials and content for 360 Wave and Hair Culture that has been able to imprint many around the world!

YouTube is a platform that places individuals in front of millions of viewers and eyes daily and Poppy Blasted said that this was a direct reason why he is adjusting to opening up more to his supporters. From his supporters on YouTube, Poppy Blasted has been able to translate it to his business, PB The Goat Merch.

From product development without any “professional schooling” to becoming a flourishing businessman may be troubling for some, but for Poppy Blasted it was “quite easy”. The businessman and Youtuber mentioned that his journey to making his business flow “just right” for him was, “a matter of trial and error”.

Although it took time to learn aspects to create a quality hair product, Poppy Blasted did that. Lewis was able to brand himself in a new lane by investing in himself, something he highlights as a key component to success.

While many become content with a substantial level of success he has had, Poppy Blasted is not. He mentioned that in the near future he plans to create another YouTube channel (The Goat Drip Family) that will show his daily lifestyle and be more insightful to his family.

On the business side, the plans still remain the same; to create the best hair products and push for dominance. Poppy Blasted is on the rise to topping the hair community by providing top-tier products from hair brushes (which he notes as one of his “biggest investments) to oils, butters, and more!

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Q: Discuss YouTube startup/moment you decided to take YouTube completely serious:

A: I started my YouTube Channel ( Poppy Blasted ) in 2013. I didn’t start taking it seriously until 2015 that’s when I first discovered I could get paid doing what I love which is creating 360 Wave Tutorials/content for the Hair Community!

Q: Discuss how YouTube changed your life (whether it’s lifestyle or anything, what was the biggest change it made?):

A: YouTube has most definitely changed my life, I’ve always been a shy and nervous type of guy! Being in front of a cam creating content for millions of people In the world made me open up more! The biggest change for me was Building a Brand and then launching my Business ( PB The Goat Merch LLC ) in 2018.

Q: Discuss crossover from YouTube to becoming a businessman:

A: Transitioning over from YouTube into being a full-time Businessman was quite easy. I’ve always been busy creating content and editing via adobe premiere pro so my hands have always been tied. It was just a matter of cutting the rope that’s the hard part! Once you get used to the challenging labor it’s not that bad.

Q: Discuss product development (whatever you can mention about the process and time it took to get the product “just right”, etc etc):

A: I make Hair Products which i never went to school for. It was just a matter of trial and error and watching a lot of YouTube videos. Learning the difference between high-quality all-natural butters and oils and refined ones. It took quite a while to perfect my craft but I didn’t give up!

Q: Discuss any marketing approaches you took for your business and YouTube:

A: I’m really big on betting on yourself! How could you expand If you’re not investing in your brand?? So a lot of my marketing comes from Instagram ads, Facebook ads, and advertising on YouTube!

Q: Discuss future YouTube plans (collabs, family channel, content and etc):

A: My future YouTube plans will be starting a new channel ( The Goat Drip Family ) I have a big family my kids would love if I started a YouTube channel showing our daily lifestyle to the world!

Q: Discuss future plans with business (any new products on the way? how you plan to continue elevating, etc):

A: I just made a huge step one of my biggest investments was CREATING HAIR BRUSHES ( ℙ𝕓 The Goat Flawless Brush) was a big step for me! My future business plans will be me continuing to create the best hair products in the world. I have to keep applying pressure for my supporters.

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