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Little Known Health Benefits of Bowling




Bowling has been one of the most favourite past times in the world as anyone can play it. It doesn’t discriminate as people of all ages, sizes, and abilities can play the sport, making it a traditional game throughout many generations.

While bowling is not a high impact sport, it offers many health benefits to its players. Bowling can help you to become physically and mentally fit. It also provides an excellent socialising opportunity among players that some even use the sport to celebrate events like birthdays. 

It burns calories

Playing the game, you are required to walk an average of six feet while carrying a heavy bowling ball. You have to increase your speed while you are working on throwing the ball. This calorie-burning movement is typically repeated through a series of games, which is equivalent to half a mile walk.

Completing three games will burn you around 150-300 calories a night, which is the same as working on a jumping rope for 25 minutes. However, the calories you burn depends on your weight. The lighter your weight is, the lower calories you are going to burn.

It helps you lose weight

Losing weight means burning excess fats in different parts of your body. Fats in a human’s body are stores of energy, set aside due to the unneeded amount of calories in our system. With healthy calorie intake along with a good exercise, your brain will be signalled to release the stored fat molecules and transform it into energy for active cells.

Some individuals are not allowed to engage in high impact sports or rigid exercises due to age, body type, health conditions, and personal preferences. Bowling is a great alternative to promote exercise, thus, burning calories. 

While bowling does not burn calories as fast as high impact sports, it will still help you lose weight in the process.

It builds muscles

When you are playing, you are hauling a heavy ball, using your chest, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs, and hand muscle to roll the ball in a certain way. You need good muscle control to ensure that the ball has enough speed to hit the pins down a sixty-foot lane. Bowling regularly will surely help you build some muscles.

It improves flexibility

Along with building your muscles, bowling also helps to increase your flexibility. For you to accurately throw a ball, your body needs to twist, stretch, and lunge in a proper way. The movements help extend your joints, muscles, and ligaments as you roll the ball. It improves your flexibility as you repeat the movements. 

Bowling improves both of your upper and lower body. While throwing the heavy ball, and moving your body through the vital motions, the lower part of your body is keeping up by counterbalancing. By counterbalancing, your lower body ligaments and muscles flex and stretch; this improves the flexibility of your lower body.

These are just some of the health benefits of playing this fantastic sport. Remember that if you are going to play, wanting to burn some calories and fats, proper calorie intake through a healthy diet is needed. Moreover, it is necessary to learn the basics first before playing it for the first time. So, go ahead and book your first game in a bowling alley near you.

Maddison Brown is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing quality articles on vrious niches, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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