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Make the Most Out of Salesforce Platform With Best Testing Practices



Over time, Salesforce has come a long way from being a simple Customer Relationship Management application to an enterprise-wide strategic platform that manages CRM, CPQ, billing, fulfillment, and much more. Apart from this, Salesforce also releases quarter updates for adding new functionality or upgrading the existing feature of the Salesforce application. Hence, it can be better analyzed that testing becomes a crucial aspect of streamlining the overall workflow of Salesforce, ranging from updates to its existing technical challenges. Testing can be carried out in two ways: manual and automated. However, which one is accurate depends on the needs and specificity of the business.

Nevertheless, the fact cannot be overlooked that competition and dynamism are the two prime facets of the market. So, Salesforce test automation is much more beneficial as it helps businesses to streamline their workflows and survive the competition and changing market dynamics. Many testing tools are available in the market, and Opkey is one of them. It is a codeless testing tool that helps businesses conduct end-to-end testing by leveraging technologies like AI.

Do Businesses Need to Conduct Automated Salesforce Testing?

Every business wants to grow and expand, but achieving this goal is not as easy as it may seem, especially in today’s market where customers have numerous options and competition is fierce. Automation testing is one of the significant outcomes of modern-day technology that help businesses streamline their business workflows. Specifically, talk about Salesforce CRM, which many business organizations use, so keeping up with the current needs and demands of the customers and market help grow and scale further. Salesforce test automation is one of the significant ways that help businesses optimize their financial resources and improve employee productivity. For instance, automation tests can be conducted more rapidly or frequently, as machines do not need sleep.

Moreover, automation minimizes an employee’s time doing repetitive and tedious tasks. Unnecessary job stressors and mindless work can be reduced to a great extent. Hence, organizations can expect happier employees and higher productivity with maximum retention rates.

Best Practices for Salesforce Automation Testing

Early Testing

Early testing ensures easy bugs and defect detection. So, businesses can lay things under their control through this. Early-phase testing mitigates the scope of future risk and helps minimize the cost required to fix a bug shortly. Moreover, involving the QA team in the earlier Salesforce test automation phase facilitates significant SRS documentation, thus, streamlining the testing step.

Selection of Testing Tool or Platform

Many testing tools are available in the market, but picking the right one can be daunting. However, by looking at the crucial features, businesses can avail themselves of the best possible tool or platform. For instance, Opkey is one of the leading Salesforce test automation tools. More importantly, it is a codeless test automation tool that helps businesses to get the most out of their Salesforce platform. For instance, due to the codeless feature, business users can easily participate in the testing without prior knowledge of coding and programming.

Project Outline

Testing documentation and outline of crucial aspects of Salesforce testing help save precious time. For instance, businesses can first analyze their requirements and outline the key focus areas of testing. Furthermore, it helps easily track continuous change in an organization. It will help the team to inspect the risk associated with the affected functionalities and test suites that may get altered.

Opkey: A Tool that Facilitates Automated Salesforce Testing

Now, you know that testing is crucial for businesses that want to get the most out of their Salesforce platform. Opkey is one of the renowned and leading tools in the market that understand the pain points regarding Salesforce automated testing. Below are the key points that help you know the power of Opkey

  • It is the tool that automates Salesforce seasonal updates and minimizes testing efforts by 80% on both versions of Salesforce – Lightning and Classic.
  • It manages to test all Salesforce modules- Sales Cloud, CPQ, Marketing Cloud- from a single interface.
  • It immediately produces the test cases required and turns them into automated tests with one click. Moreover, it can easily diagnose failed tests, self-heal broken tests and escalate defects to the right people.
  • Through its codeless test feature, non-technical business users can also perform testing with a simple and drag and drop user interface,
  • It speeds up test cycles, increases test coverage through automation, helps businesses seamlessly integrate with Salesforce APIs, and analyzes data flow, business logic, and customization to generate test data immediately.

To learn more about this all-in-one testing tool, visit the website of Opkey and get a demo today.

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