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Meet Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker Hardworking and Inspiring Women Didi Wong



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The “Women for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital” was awarded the highest level of achievement from the Didi Wong Women’s Economic Forum. She is a Hollywood film and TV producer, business mentor, venture capitalist, interior designer, best-selling author, and devoted mother of four. Recently, Didi Wong was featured in Oprah Magazine as “Woman Who Means Business” and was for a good cause. She is a woman who knows how to get things done while having fun.

Didi Wong says I work hard I am excited to get up in the morning, I enjoy connecting with people all over the world and changing lives through work and sports, I am able to live this life Feeling honored for But at the end of the day, I feel like my secret sauce that makes me who I am and has helped me succeed is the fact that I’m just me, and I’m having fun with a lot of people and It is very much like connecting and helping people. Philanthropically, Didi Wong participates as a parent council in the maternity department and post-partum at Deodar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills. She is chairwoman of the Women’s Economic Forum Los Angeles, as well as on the advisory board for Destination 4 Greatness, a nonprofit to help inspire young students in LAUSD and the Long Beach USD area. Didi Wong is also an ambassador for Andrea Boselli and Unstoppable Foundations.

Didi Wong loves pop culture and the world of celebrity. She enjoys reading US magazines and watching reality TV here and there. Didi Wong also enjoys luxury travel and food, and enjoys spending money on music and concerts. Didi Wong loves inspiring women to be bold and confident in themselves and know that they matter. Our voices need to be heard. So Didi Wong loves working as a speaker. Didi Wong wants to show women that it is okay to step out of their comfort zone, stand tall and be bold. It is a wonderful time for women in America. We had history-making results in the last election, in which Kamala Harris became the first Vice President, who is both a woman and a minority. There is no better person to represent the people of our country. She is also from India, where the Women’s Empowerment Forum headquarters is located. It would be amazing if she could speak at the next event.

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