Meet Ronak Kothari, The brain behind the innovative revolution in the marketing world.

To transform the existing notions there must always be someone to bring about the change. Ronak Kothari, the director of Kothari Agrico aims at bringing the long-awaited revolution that the co-operative world was yearning for. This young entrepreneur is in the quest to rewrite the norms and rules of the business world and his venture is strongly supported by his colleagues who are his strength. He tends to be creative and best in finding solutions beneficial for his industry. Kothari has always supported enterprises that attracted him as a business head and this brought a magical change as it increased his followers base tremendously.

Ronak Kothari took up the business of his father at a young age and for this, he received a lot of criticisms on grounds of nepotism. Kothari was determined to prove his potential to those who pulled him down. He was born on 12th April 1998. Apart from his studies, he was a skilled footballer and a wrestler. His special love for bikes, cars, jets, and machines molded his technical skills too. He also has a soft corner for animals.

Ronak Kothari was absolute in his goals. Despite having a wide range of choices regarding his career options. Kothari knew that business is his blood and wanted to respect the lineage. He was ready to face criticism and risks. He did not yearn for a job of high social status but an opportunity to use his skills and uplift the community. So he never thought of becoming an engineer or a doctor but wanted to be a powerful businessman who can bring significant changes in the co-operative world. He aims to build a brand that can empower our nation.

Kothari never considered his responsibilities as burdens. He understands the theory of leadership, the ability to think lucidly, and act with nuance and perfection with the business game on the line. Foresightedness is the flagpole of innovation and new technology. Ronak Kothari looks forward to enabling a variety of enterprises that would be benchmarks of the future. He has a better understanding of what should be done and what should not, he knows that his men are the fuel of this prestigious company and respects them for their effort and hard work.It is of utmost importance that a business should be able to satisfy the requisites of their customers. Kothari is an expert in figuring out and providing what is precisely demanded from him.

“I learn from my downfalls and it raises me to infinite heights,” says Ronak Kothari. The road to success can be confusing and the journey is adventurous. There can be pitfalls, betrayals, etc and this makes a businessman different and he learns every moment in his life. Ronak Kothari is grateful that he had faced many obstacles while leading his team and this helped him to learn the working model of the co-operative sector.

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