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Meet Subhash Charan, Founder of the Trending E-Learning Application Dhurina



Meet Subhash Charan Founder of the Trending E Learning Application Dhurina

It’s not about money or connections – it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone. This quote is relatable with one of the most hardworking and willing to serve the people of Rajasthan Subhash Charan.

From learning names of important people to learning important dates in history, we have faced many struggles to remember those since our childhood till now. Many competitive exams depend on such questions of general knowledge. The person who is solving this issue and has made GK fun and easy to learn is none other than the general knowledge teacher Subhash Charan. Born in a middle-class family and a small district of Rajasthan Subhash has come a long way. Through his hard work and struggle, he has achieved the love of students from all over India. He did his schooling at Pilania Academy and Graduated from Chaudhary College situated in Rajasthan. He has always worked towards the betterment of the students.

Subhash Charan takes both online and offline classes. He has contributed his knowledge in many coaching centers of Rajasthan, where he helped the students to crack several competitive exams easily. In a world where people have made education a medium to earn, he has chosen the way to make the students learn. With a mission and vision to spread knowledge amongst all, he runs a youtube channel and provides free education. With 1 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel “GK Subhash Charan”, he made it to a silver youtube button.

Subhash Charan has launched an amazing e-learning application named “Dhurina”. It is launched especially for those students who need education and can achieve but can’t pay for it. Dhurina is an online learning application that acts as a bridge between students and teachers. Many online free mock test apps with hundreds of ibps video lecture courses taught by brilliant instructors are present in the application. One can take courses in anything from IBPS, SSC, Railway RRB, Mock Tests & Exam Prep app, Railway RRB, studies, etc. and the app develops the service as per the demand of the daily app users. After launching this application Subhash and Dhurina were trending everywhere. Many people tried to buy his youtube channel by offering him a bribe of 1 crore but he refused such offers.

Meet Subhash Charan Founder of the Trending E Learning Application Dhurina 1

There are many incidents and stories that show the greatness of Subhash Charan, one of them is about a student from Madhya Pradesh who needed the course and asked Subhash for it, he was unable to pay for it. That is why Subhash Charan gave him the full course in just 200 INR and the student has now been selected in a competitive examination. He also wrote a book that helped his students in learning, it happened after the incident where he was taking online classes, his students told him about the problem of writing notes and learning at the same time.

Not only by education he is serving society by his endless contributions. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he helped many COVID-19 patients/warriors by donating 5 lakh rupees for them. He raised his support to more than 200 families by providing them ration for seven days. He also distributed more than one lakh masks and one thousand sanitizers to the needy.

He is not going to stop here, he will keep on doing things for society and in the field of education.

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