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Meeting’s Head of Influencer Relations, Benjamin Cohen



Meeting’s Head of Influencer Relations, Benjamin Cohen

Tasked with managing the relations of influencers at is a big responsibility, but it is a role that Benjamin Cohen has taken on to help the agency and its clients to thrive.

Joining the company in May 2018, the London School of Economics and Political Science graduate is coming close to celebrating two years with the company and is enjoying every second of the journey. With a decade of experience working in PR in the tech and consumer industries, it leaves little wonder as to why Cohen was entrusted with such a crucial role at, which has offices in both London and Los Angeles.

The agency has worked with more than 150 brands, entrepreneurs and influencers. Those relationships require a lot of managing and Cohen spared us a few minutes in his busy day to talk us through his main responsibilities.

Q It is your job to maintain the relationship with numerous clients, how do you go about it?

Benjamin Cohen: “The first thing to understand is that every client is different and their needs vary greatly. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that will work, which is why I tailor my approach depending on who I am working with.”

“I consider my client’s needs and expectations when creating and implementing campaigns through various channels.”

Q Are there any particular areas that you specialise in?

BC: “Over the last few years I have specialised in working with influencers and tech startups, which is what brought me to

“I am currently working mostly with tech brands, influencers and blockchain companies. I seek new opportunities for all of the clients that I work with and think outside of the box to offer something that no other agency could that will benefit the campaign.”

Q You have over 10 years of PR experience, what would you say is the most important skill you need to be successful in the industry?

BC: “The ability to multi-task and remain calm and organised under even the most extreme of pressure. It can be the most demanding job in the world at times, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Q What attracted you to join the team?

BC: “In my previous role I was focused very much so on B2B tech firms and working at has allowed me the opportunity to branch out even further, working across B2B and B2C campaigns.

“Whilst being able to call on the skills and expertise I have built up over the last 10 years, the nature of the business means that I continue to learn and try new things on a near-daily basis.

“It is an incredibly exciting time to be working for such a company.”

Q Finally, what is the one thing that you would say offers that sets the agency apart from the rest?

BC: “We add value to all of our clients’ businesses and operations, building a specialist team around their individual needs.

“The agency has an international team across London and Los Angeles that combines expertise in digital media, PR, technology, legal and finance.”

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