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Your Accommodation in Golan Heights



Your Accommodation in Golan Heights

Locating Golan Heights hotels that fit your budget will be fairly simple considering the activities you will be enjoying in this region.

Why Book One of Golan Heights Hotels 

*- The Mansion resort Located in Had Nes, Providing powerful sights of the Sea of Galilee as well as the Hula Valley. the volcanic Golan plateau is expected to be dry in summertime, plush, green and carpeted with wildflowers in springtime. These fields of basalt rocks – and, on its western border, deep valleys – happen to be shelter cow farms, orchards, and beautiful wineries.

The Golan is every traveler’s fantasy vacation spot, especially if you book in one of the fantastic Golan Heights Hotels. Their natural panorama includes wide-open areas, woodlands as well as water-filled canyons, warm springs and ski slopes. Their wildlife involves leopards and baby wolves, gazelles and shy rock rabbits, vultures as well as silver eagles, and many wonderful creatures.

The Golan Heights are clotted with archaeological details of several civilizations, including the ones from the Ancient Greek world and early on Christianity.

The People You Will Meet at Golan Heights

Farmers and cattle herders, fruit growers and vintners make this place probably the most productive In Israel, and definitely one of the most welcoming. Therefore, the Golan may be the perfect spot to spend time during your next trip to Israel.

The Weather in Golan Heights

The Golan is in the Middle eastern weather area, described as dry summers and wet winter seasons. The snow hats the Hermon for six months of the year, even though the southern section of the Golan gets about 450 mm of rainfall yearly keeping somewhat dry weather.

Mount Hermon, at 2,814 meters over seashore height, is among the highest mountain ranges in the area. This summit is usually coated with snow from December to March, with snow spots remaining on the hill all year round. A skiing slope and skiing classes run throughout the winter season.

The Geography of Golan Heights

The Golan provides two geographically unique sections: the Hermon Area in the north as well as the Golan plateau in the south. The former is among the tallest mountains in Israel. The entire length of the area is eighty kilometers, and its width differs from seventeen and twenty-three kilometers.

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