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Michel Berger – Google celebrates French singer and songwriter’s 72nd birthday with animated video Doodle



Michel Berger's 72nd Birthday

Michel Berger’s 72nd birthday is celebrated by Google with animated video Doodle. Michel Berger was one of the most popular French singers and songwriters of the 1970s and 1980s. The melody enclosed in the present Google Doodle, “Celui qui change,” was composed and performed by Michel Berger in 1980 and spreads a message of inspiration and acknowledgment that additionally resonates nowadays.

Michel Berger was a figure of France’s pop music genre scene for two decades as a singer and as a songwriter for such artists as Françoise Hardy, Johnny Hallyday, and his own spouse, France Gall.

Michel Berger
Michel Berger

Michel Berger was born as Michel Jean Hamburger on 28 November 1947 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the child of Jewish parents, Dr. Jean Hamburger and Annette Haas, a concert pianist of Swiss-Jewish origin. He was additionally the father of the French music supervisor, Raphael Hamburger.

Working within all probability the best names of French music, Michel Berger became a French pop music staple. Berger was trained in classical piano at an early age. A talented pianist like his mom, Berger’s musical interest went past those of the symphonies he rehearsed day by day, taking motivation from artists like Ray Charles to analyze modified sounds and arrangements.

French famous music of the 1960s was dominated by Yé-Yé artists. Driven by American rock music of a similar era, jazz, and French chanson, to permit some examples, Yé-Yé music got the same with youth culture and made ready for Michel Berger to enter the music industry.

A record label’s open casting call for youthful musicians created Michel Berger’s first commercial accomplishment as a singer with the release of his second single, “Tu n’y crois pas,” enclosed on the radio before he graduated secondary school.

By the mid-1970s, Michel Berger started working with his future spouse, singer France Gall. The previous Eurovision winner and Yé-Yé artist got one of France’s most elevated highest-selling feminine singers. The pair became household names, making varied hit albums along, while Berger kept producing his own well-known records in parallel. Berger’s notoriety for being a songwriter prompted outstanding cooperation with Elton John. Together, the pair produced “Donner pour Donner,” with Gall and John on vocals.

Michel Berger’s music increased fast notoriety for its ardent lyrics, creating it a mainstay in the French pop scene. Later in his career, he was propelled to help those deprived through his support in the Song for Ethiopia advantage concert, becoming an advocate for children’s philanthropy causes.

Michel Berger died of a heart attack on 2 August 1992 at 44 years old.

The present Google animated video Doodle created together with Lyon-based animation studio Souviens Ten-Zan (STZ) to celebrate Michel Berger’s 72nd birthday.

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