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Microsoft Edge will remove several of its features in the latest versions



Microsoft Edge will remove several of its features in the latest versions

At this point, the new Microsoft Edge has been available for a number of years, and over that time, it has solidified its position as a reliable browser option. Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, is also quite feature-rich, but a recent update is removing some additions that you probably weren’t even aware of.

With the release of Edge v117, Microsoft Edge will delete five features that were announced late last week (highlighted by Neowin). The following features will be removed from that beta version:

  • Math Solver
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Citations
  • Grammar Tools
  • Kids Mode

The options will be eliminated, according to Microsoft, in order to “improve [the] end-user experience” and “simplify” the overflow menus. Given that the majority of users were probably unaware that these features existed, it also makes sense to conclude that they weren’t very well-liked.

For example, Microsoft first teased Citations back in 2021 before burying the feature in the “More tools” overflow menu only a few months later. Some of these features are available outside of Edge, such as the Math Solver app for iOS and Android.

Kids Mode, which was introduced in 2021, will likely be the feature that is most missed in this situation. Parents could use the tool to put some restrictions on what their children could do with the browser, such as tightening tracking protection and maximizing SafeSearch.

Additionally, it featured a few custom themes based on iconic film characters, including Finding Nemo from Pixar. Back then, we referred to Kids Mode as a feature that Google Chrome ought to have copied.

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