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Mitch Aguiar – A successful entrepreneur who also happens to hold the reins of distinct areas



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This Navy SEAL veteran is a celebrated MMA fighter, podcaster and motivational speaker.

Mitch Aguiar has been in the Navy for more than a decade and has now emerged as a successful entrepreneur who also happens to be a winning MMA fighter, alongwith acing as a podcaster and motivational speaker. He has managed to grasp the workings of these distinctive areas with much ease, which is quite impressive on his part. Having gone through the toughest of times during his postings in the Navy, he has managed to tackle the toughest of tasks, and that’s what makes him all the more successful in all the distinctive areas that he’s been a part of.

Mitch says that he has always been ready to take up challenges, the reason he joined the Navy which he served for 10 long years going through postings in Afghanistan and Europe. To while away his spare time, he started training and eventually competing in Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, breaking an amateur MMA record of 15-1 which placed him #1 on the East coast in both the Welterweight and Middleweight divisions. Thereafter, he started training others in various forms of combat.

In 2017, Mitch founded his company MASF (Mitch Aguiar Smashin’ Frog) Supplements, which has established itself as a known brand dealing in apparel, accessories and supplements. Later in 2020, he founded his charity Adopt A Cop BJJ, a 501(C)3 that enables police officers posted anywhere in the United States to attend any Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy of their choice and learn Brazilian Jiujitsu free of charge till they attain blue belt. Furthermore, he launched his podcast (The Violent Hippie Podcast) in 2021, which is a platform to share insights on various topics that involve a host of eminent personalities from distinct fields.

His list of accomplishments don’t stop here as he also travels across the US taking part in several charity events, speaking to businesses, students, athletes and veterans where he shares his “Mindset is Everything” philosophy which is beneficial for all.

Get to know more about Mitch by visiting his official website – You can also follow him on Instagram @the_mitch_show for regular updates.

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