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Mixedbyac : Things You Should Know




He is not really successful, and he is not really financially prosperous; he is a guy, who has achieved all but a few fantastic accomplishments and some many more considerable flops in the music industry! And both of them are on the same page: he is a member of a significant amount of all recording acts, creators of music and people who didn’t get up and wear their fateful pants.

Many who “preserve” in an overly saturated industry seem to have several things in common. That’s what they know about and how they think about who they’re around.

 It helps people to make choices and decisions that affect artist fans, band members, team members, and even their families completely objective. Hunger makes them ready to do whatever they need, to achieve their musical goals, within their moral and ethical limits. In such a setting, only those that refuse to be defeated will live.

 They never exaggerate or make misrepresentations. They still follow their obligations in this way. The overwhelming number of musicians stagnate as they avoid evolving and continue to focus on their skills and achievements of the past. When an enthusiast stops pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, they lose the surprise and the anticipation – two characteristics that keep their fans coming for longer. And last but not least, to keep everyone around you together and take with you to the same heights; that you wish to accomplish. Great things happen when all in teamwork in harmony and a single goal.

It is not that hard to earn a little money performing music on the side, but you have to love it more than everything else, to transform creativity into a profession. Although it takes a lot of chance, other things will motivate you to start a musical career.

This is the story of a 15-year-old boy who is thrilled by music. He went on and sought to blend diverse music to create a profitable product. At some point where he decided to build a studio to mix the tracks, it was not possible to maintain the excitement of music. He stayed in Houston until he got his high school graduation and moved to Orlando for school.  

Anthony ‘Mixedbyac’ Carballo, a 23 years old young man is a Mixing Engineer and a DJ. Currently Lives in Houston, Texas now. AC realized one day that music should be his hobby and he should build a small set up to record, and this was everything he could ever care about, after having spent many years in a self-made studio with a friend. He relocated to Orlando, FL after high school to focus on music and then got a position at a local recording studio as a mixing  engineer. He collaborated with Tyla Yahweh, SmokePurpp, Richysamo, Skyxxx and several others in the region throughout his tenure there. He was freelancing for different artists as of about one year ago.

If any of you are interested in finding him, you can quickly contact and see his work on twitter as mixedbyac and on Instagram as @mixedbyac. Also, it would help if you could check out his website; for more of his works.

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