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Mohd Adil Ali a known as social media influencer is making things work with his creativity and innovation



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When we see most of the professionals are busy in their own world, we have examples like Adil making waves in the digital world. He is among the enterpreneur when it comes to digital marketing in his state and country. He hails from the city of Aligarh, and has done his major in Engineering and Management. Adil has created a good impact in the field of digital promotions. It all started when he got attracted to social media.

Soon he got an edge on it and started working as a freelance digital marketer. His hardwork and wide network helped him to prosper in his field in a short duration of time. He now has big clients all across the world including top TV actors, music brands, YouTubers and Tik Tok users to name a few. As per Adil, he calls his network to be his net worth. He said he has always remained open to help his clients to prosper in the digital world catering their needs.

His hard work and diligence paid a lot and we see Adil also starting up his own company in the digital world to cater his client. He calls his company, that offers a wide range of services in the Digital Marketing world. He has catered to not less than 100 clients all across the world and talked to many celebrities to help them prosper on social media. All thanks to his innovative ideas in digital marketing, he has emerged as an important influencer on social media. He intends to go long in his way and this is just his start.

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