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Netball World Cup 2019: Schedule, Fixtures, Teams, Format and TV broadcast



Vitality Netball World Cup 2019

The Netball World Cup 2019 will be the 15th organizing of the premier netball tournament in international netball, challenged every four years and the third time England has played host after the inaugural competition in 1963 and Birmingham in 1995. The Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 competition will kick off on Friday, July 12 and last through final the last on Sunday, July 21.

All matches at the event will be held at the M&S Bank Arena (referred to for non-commercial purposes as Liverpool Arena), which has a seating capacity of 11,000. The venue is the focal point of the ACC Liverpool sporting and events precinct, which permits the event’s different civilities, for example, warm-up and administration facilities, to occur within the one location.

Two sessions of netball will occur every day, with at least two matches being played per session. For the first four days of the challenge (12-15 July), there will be two courts in the field, with matches occurring at the same time. From 16 July onwards matches will occur on one court.

Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 Teams


Sixteen teams will challenge the 2019 tournament. Five teams automatically qualified by temperance of their high ranking position in the INF World Rankings, and England qualified as the host country. The remaining ten teams qualified via regional qualification tournaments, with two teams chose from every one of the five international netball regions; Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. The five teams (six if England is incorporated) to be conceded automatic qualification, arranged by seeding were:

  • Australia
  • England (host nation)
  • New Zealand
  • Jamaica
  • South Africa
  • Malawi

Qualification Tournaments

Europe Scotland319–21 January 2018 Scotland
 Northern Ireland
Oceania New Zealand317–21 April 2018 Fiji
Africa Zambia613–18 August 2018 Uganda
Americas Barbados824 August–2 September 2018 Trinidad and Tobago
Asia Singapore91–9 September 2018 Sri Lanka

Netball World Cup 2019 Format

A new format will be presented for the tournament. Teams will contend in three stages; the Preliminaries Stage One (12-14 July), Preliminaries Stage Two (15-18 July) and the Play-offs and Placings matches (19-21 July).

Preliminaries Stage One

There will be four groups (A, B, C and D) of four teams in the first stage, with the top eight teams pre-assigned to their groups and one team from the 9th-12th seeds and one from the 13th-16th seeds drawn randomly into each group. Anyway close to two teams from the one region can be drawn into the same group. The top three teams from each group will advance to the second preliminaries stage.

Preliminaries Stage Two

The top three teams from Groups A and B will form group F, and the top three teams from groups C and D will form group G. The last four finishers from groups A-D will go up against each other in group E. Where teams in groups F and G have effectively played each other in the Preliminaries Stage One (for example A1 has officially played A2 and A3), these results will help through to the Preliminaries Stage Two.

Play-offs and Placings

The teams completing first and second in groups F and G will experience to the semi-finals, with the top placed team in each group facing the second placed team in the other group. The champs of every semi-final will seek gold in the final, with the losers playing for bronze.

The teams completing third and fourth in groups F and G will compete for final positions fifth to eighth – third in one group plays fourth in the other – with the victors playing off for fifth spot and the losers for seventh. The teams that completion fifth in groups F and G will play off for ninth and tenth spots. The teams that completion toward the end in groups F and G will play off for eleventh and twelfth spots. The teams that completion first and second in group E will play-off for thirteenth and fourteenth spot and the teams that completion third and fourth in group E will play-off for the fifteenth and sixteenth places.

Netball World Cup 2019 Competition Schedule

Teams are part into four groups of four relying upon their world ranking. The top four seedings in order are Australia, England, Jamaica and New Zealand. The groups are as per the following:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
AustraliaNew ZealandJamaicaEngland
Northern IrelandMalawiSouth AfricaUganda
ZimbabweBarbadosTrinidad and TobagoScotland
Sri LankaSingaporeFijiSamoa

Netball World Cup 2019 Fixtures

July 12 09:00 (BST) New Zealand vs Malawi Court One
July 12 09:25 (BST) Barbados vs Singapore Court Two
July 12 11:00 (BST) Australia vs Northern Ireland Court One
July 12 11:25 (BST) Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka Court Two
July 12 15:00 (BST) Opening Ceremony
July 12 17:00 (BST) Jamaica vs Fiji Court One
July 12 17:25 (BST) South Africa vs Trinidad and Tobago Court Two
July 12 19:00 (BST) England vs Uganda Court One
July 12 19:25 (BST) Scotland vs Samoa Court Two
July 13 09:00 (BST) Australia vs Zimbabwe Court One
July 13 09:25 (BST) Northern Ireland vs Sri Lanka Court Two
July 13 11:00 (BST) New Zealand vs Barbados Court One
July 13 11:25 (BST) Malawi vs Singapore Court Two
July 13 15:00 (BST) England vs Scotland   Court One
July 13 15:25 (BST) Uganda vs Samoa Court Two
July 13 17:00 (BST) Jamaica vs Trinidad and Tobago Court One
July 13 17:25 (BST) South Africa vs Fiji Court Two
July 14 09:00 (BST) New Zealand vs Singapore Court One
July 14 09:25 (BST) Malawi vs Barbados Court Two
July 14 11:00 (BST) England vs Samoa Court One
July 14 11:25(BST) Uganda vs Scotland Court Two
July 14 15:00 (BST) Australia vs Sri Lanka Court One
July 14 15:25 (BST) Northern Ireland vs Zimbabwe Court Two
July 14 17:00 (BST) Jamaica vs South Africa Court One
July 14 17:25 (BST) Trinidad and Tobago vs Fiji Court Two

Netball World Cup 2019 TV Broadcasters

 AustraliaNine Network
 New ZealandSky Sport
 South AfricaSuperSport
 United KingdomSky Sports & BBC
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